The Woman in Black

The Woman in Black (1989)

Ending / spoiler

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Some time after it all happened, Arthur is out in a small boat with his wife and child. With horror, he spots the woman in black: a tree then falls on their boat, and they all drown.STAGE PLAY VERSION:Arthur is with his wife and son, and has managed to put his traumatic experience behind him, and they go down to the park. Everything is all sunshine and daises, including a number of attractions including...a pony and trap. There is only room for two, so the wife (Stella, I think she's called), gets on the trap, and Arthur lifts his son up to sit next to her. He watches them round a corner, and then waits for them to get back. He stands and looks around him, but suddenly spots something he really didn't want to see- it's the woman in black, her wasted face shining creepily from underneath her bonnet. She thrusts out her arms and BANG, the horse and cart rounds the steep corner at a speed which throws the boy and his mother off the cart with a terrifying, unnatural force. The young kid hits a tree, and lands at the bottom, a crumpled mess. Already a corpse. After a week, his mother dies from her injuries. Arthur watching all the way.The telling of the story ends, and the actors start to pack away, the real Arthur Kipps almost physically shaking from the horror of it all. The actor congratulates Arthur for the finding of the marvelous woman who played Jenette Humphreys. Arthur give him a look. "What woman?" "The woman in black! She knew all poo poo poo poo poo poo poo poo poo popoo woman in black.""But..." The actor just looks around and then he hears the distant sound of a rocking chair growing louder and louder around the theatre, and remembers his own four year old daughter before the rocking stops, and footsteps start towards them, quickening their pace before-BLACK OUT.


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