Cheaper by the Dozen

Tom and Kate Baker (Steve Martin and Bonnie Hunt) have 12 children, and they live in a home in country America. When Tom is offered a job to coach a football team he played for as a college student, he and his family pack up and move to the city. The trouble comes when Kate is required to do a book tour to promote her book 'Cheaper By The Dozen' and leave Tom home with the kids.


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Continuity mistake: After Mark is found, he runs into Kate's arms and hugs her and her sunglasses fall off her head, but then in the very next shot they're back on her head perfectly. (01:24:50)

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Tom Baker: You soaked his underwear in meat? That is so wrong. Funny, but wrong.

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Trivia: In one of the scenes where Steve Martin is talking to the press, one of the reporters is Shawn Levy, the film's director.

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