Cheaper by the Dozen
Cheaper by the Dozen mistake picture

Continuity mistake: After Mark is found, he runs into Kate's arms and hugs her and her sunglasses fall off her head, but then in the very next shot they're back on her head perfectly.


Cheaper by the Dozen mistake picture

Visible crew/equipment: When Tom and Dylan are hanging from the chandelier, there is a shot of the ceiling showing the chandelier coming loose. Then when it cuts back to Tom hanging from the chandelier, in the background behind him is a crewmember holding a boom mic!!!


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Cheaper by the Dozen mistake picture

Continuity mistake: At the beginning during the breakfast scene, the eggs splatter all over everyone and some gets on Steve Martin's chin and you can see it fall off, they then show a shot of FedEx and then show Steve Martin again and the egg is back on his chin.


Cheaper by the Dozen mistake picture

Other mistake: When Steve Martin is seated at the table trying to find a babysitter, there are several quick shots of the phone book as he crosses out numbers, turns the page, etc. The very last shot of the phone book is backwards! While its easy to see the phone book, if you zoom in on the shot, you can clearly see that the tiles, words and letters on the board partially obscured by the phone book are backwards too.


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