Stuck On You

Factual error: When May finds out that Bob and Walter are conjoined twins, they are holding a Dunkin' Donuts bag. There are no Dunkin' Donuts in Los Angeles.


Factual error: It is impossible for Walt and Bob Tenor to be conjoined twins because they aren't identical. The condition only occurs when a zygote (fertilised egg) doesn't split completely during meiosis (cell division) to form identical twins.

Factual error: First of all, Walt & Bob couldn't be conjoined twins. Conjoined twins have to be identical. While not all identical twins look 100% alike, they still have some similarities. Bob & Walt look nothing alike. Second of all, conjoined twins attached at the liver are the easiest to separate. The liver regenerates, so even if one was left with less, it would still grow back to the correct size. They could've been easily separated.


Factual error: The Tenor boys say they are from Martha's Vineyard. But all the New England outside shots are actually Rockport, Mass.

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