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Continuity mistake: Whilst Walt and Bob are cooking at the beginning of the film, there is a large bandage on Bob's forehead. Just after chopping up the mushrooms the bandage disappears, the next time we see them it is back on.


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Stuck On You mistake picture

Continuity mistake: Right before Bob has his first panic attack, Walt is holding the newspaper in his left hand. When the shots change, it ends up in his right hand without him moving it.

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Stuck On You mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When they are getting on the bus after being turned down by some agents there is a guy with a red shirt getting on the bus. The scene cuts and shows the guy with the red shirt smoking but not on the bus. The other people in the shots are mixed up, too (the only one that stays the same is the girl Walt hits on).


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Stuck On You mistake picture

Continuity mistake: At the end when Bob walks out to see who played the song, there is an order pad sitting near the end of the counter. When Bob walks out with Walt the pad has turned into what looks like a menu and moved to the very corner.


Joel Gordon

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In the scene where Moe shows the Tenor brothers their apartment, the star on the door is gold. Later when Morty is riding around on the scooter, you can see the star on their door has changed to silver. It changes many more times throughout the movie.



If you stay a little bit into the credits, there is a nice thank you speech from the person who plays Rocket.