Searching For Bobby Fischer

Josh makes it to the national finals, and goes up against Jonathan Poe in the final game. As his parents, Vinnie, and Bruce watch from a monitor, Josh brings his queen out too early and loses it, much to Bruce's dismay. Vinnie seems confident that Josh is simply setting him up, and sure enough he ends up forking Poe with a knight to get it back. As the endgame nears, Bruce spots a winning tactic. Josh tries to will himself to see it, and using what Bruce taught him he eventually does. Instead of moving, he offers Jonathan a draw. Jonathan declines and the game continues with both players promoting their last pawns into queens. However Josh's queen immediately skewers Jonathan's king and queen, winning the game. Jonathan resigns and Josh tells him "Good game." Everyone congratulates Josh on winning. He tells his father that he tried to give Poe a way out."I know you did." Afterwards he talks to his friend Morgan who lost because he brought his queen out too early."Yeah I did that too," says Josh."But you're a much better player than I was at your age."


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Bonnie: He's not afraid of losing. He's afraid of losing your love. How many ball players grow up afraid of losing their fathers' love every time they come up to the plate?
Fred: All of them.
Bonnie: He knows you disapprove of him. He knows you think he's weak. But he's not weak. He's decent. And if you or Bruce or anyone else tries to beat that out of him, I swear to God I'll take him away.



Towards the end of the film, Josh is playing a game in the park with Vinnie, and Vinnie asks "What's that?", to which Josh replies "Schliemann Attack." However, this dialogue occurs while the game is still in standard opening theory and before Josh has played the move that introduces the Schliemann Attack (pawn to f5).



In the scene in the chess club, when the chess coach points out famous chess players to Josh's father, all the players are actually playing themselves (Joel Benjamin, etc).