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Searching For Bobby Fischer (1993)

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Corrected entry: In the scene where Josh first plays in the Metropolitan Chess Club, he sits down across from the bearded man and they begin a speed game. Josh makes a final, crushing move with the white queen, after which the bearded man knocks over his king. But you can see that the bearded man is playing with the white pieces. So how can they both be playing white?

Correction: Josh is playing with black. Josh's "crushing move" is actually the capture of the man's white queen, as the piece is slammed down off of the playing board.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Josh and Jeff are playing the game for the championship, Jeff is pondering whether or not to bring out the queen. He does, and moves the queen to the left side of the board. A few moves later, Jeff takes the queen. However, Jeff takes it from the center of the board, and Josh never moved the queen back from the side.

Nilda Morales

Correction: Doesn't excuse the mistake but it's Jonathan not Jeff.

Corrected entry: In the movie, the final game (the National Elementary Championship) ends in a win for Josh. In real life, the game ended in a draw.

Correction: Not a mistake. That's how the director wanted to end the movie. This might belong in trivia.

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Bonnie: He's not afraid of losing. He's afraid of losing your love. How many ball players grow up afraid of losing their fathers' love every time they come up to the plate?
Fred: All of them.
Bonnie: He knows you disapprove of him. He knows you think he's weak. But he's not weak. He's decent. And if you or Bruce or anyone else tries to beat that out of him, I swear to God I'll take him away.



Towards the end of the film, Josh is playing a game in the park with Vinnie, and Vinnie asks "What's that?", to which Josh replies "Schliemann Attack." However, this dialogue occurs while the game is still in standard opening theory and before Josh has played the move that introduces the Schliemann Attack (pawn to f5).



In the scene in the chess club, when the chess coach points out famous chess players to Josh's father, all the players are actually playing themselves (Joel Benjamin, etc).