The Black Hole

Revealing mistake: Upon docking the Palomino to the Cygnus, the small ship is then carried "down" to where the crew can disembark. As the Palomino is carried along, the camera follows it linearly, past the superstructure of the Cygnus. The star filled background also shifts position slightly in exact synchrony with the motion, revealing that the background is really just a short distance beyond the spaceship miniature. (00:19:30)

Revealing mistake: When Dan Holland, Kate, V.I.N.CENT and old Bob battle Reinhard's robot sentries on the catwalk, part of the bridge the sentries stand on is critically damaged and collapses. In that shot, the sentries are model figurines.

Revealing mistake: Another fly-by-wire act by Joseph Bottoms is in the scene when the Cygnus is first sighted and he vaults himself over the Palomino controls (in low gravity) to reach his seat. As he settles down, the wire used for the vault is briefly visible on his belt.

Revealing mistake: The meteors that hit the spaceship are transparent.

Revealing mistake: When Josef Bottoms loses his grip on the hull of the probe ship and drifts towards the black hole, you can see the two wires he's dangling from.

Revealing mistake: At the start of the film the Palomino goes into a roll, and the two crew members sitting around the centre console are sitting in standard office chairs. Despite them rolling and hanging on, if you look at the bottom of the chairs they're not secured to the floor, instead the actors are pushing half of the feet off the floor.

Revealing mistake: In the control tower, as the Palomino crew look around, you can see all the way through V.I.N.CENT's head by means of the pentagonal shaped grilles on either side.

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Revealing mistake: As Harry floats by the camera after the Black Hole grabs them, you can plainly see the wires holding him.

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Revealing mistake: After the Palomino gets into the zero gravity bubble around the Cygnus, the camera goes inside to Pizer. He bucks in the seat a few seconds after the ship stops shaking, showing it was a camera trick.

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