The Black Hole

Factual error: In the PALOMINO scenes, Anthony Perkins wears a long lab coat. In most of the scenes, it hangs straight down; but in the low gravity aboard the ship it should be flattering about (that's why such loose garments are not worn by real-life cosmonauts; they would be a hindrance).

Visible crew/equipment: Throughout the movie, the cables that help the robots V.I.N.C.E.N.T. and Old Bob fly are visible.

Revealing mistake: When Dan Holland, Kate, V.I.N.CENT and old Bob battle Reinhard's robot sentries on the catwalk, part of the bridge the sentries stand on is critically damaged and collapses. In that shot, the sentries are model figurines.

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Trivia: Because of its violent scenes, this was the first PG-rated Disney movie ever.

Trivia: The name of Dr Reinhardt's ship is Cygnus. The first (theoretical) black hole was discovered in the constellation Cygnus.

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Trivia: The voices of the robots are provided by an uncredited Roddy McDowall and Slim Pickens.

Captain Dan Holland: It's only dinner.
V.I.N.CENT: Said the spider to the fly.

Lieutenant Charles Pizer: V.I.N.CENT, were you programmed to bug me?
V.I.N.CENT: No, sir, to educate you.

Dr. Hans Reinhardt: Some cause must have created all this, but what caused that cause?

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