The Black Hole

Continuity mistake: V.I.N.CENT's pupils are usually round, but when nose to nose with Maximilian, they're square.

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Continuity mistake: As V.I.N.CENT leaves the hatch by tether, his "legs" are extended. In the long shot, they are retracted.

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Continuity mistake: There were two models used for V.I.N.CENT. and Old B.O.B., full-scale robots and miniatures. The miniatures are not identical to the full-sized robots. One notable difference in B.O.B. is that on the full-sized robot, his eyes are not flush against his face, so you can see the shadow of his eye sockets fall upon his eyes. On the miniature, the parts fit better so there is no shadow cast on his eyes.

Continuity mistake: As the boarding tunnel extends to the Palomino, V.I.N.CENT is seen floating up. In the long shot, he has disappeared, with no evidence of him in the tunnel until the door is opened.

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