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Corrected entry: Ripley is convinced that she is carrying an alien queen inside her. It appears to come out of a normal egg and when it bursts out of her chest, it has a normal smooth shaped head. Shouldn't the alien queen have have come from a bigger pod and have a jagged head like the adult version does, or at least a little stump where the big head grows out from so people will know it's a queen?


Correction: There is no reason why a queen alien would have to come from a bigger egg, since it isn't the egg that carries the Alien embryo, it's the facehugger. In the original cut of the film, a special facehugger was designed which designated it as a queen carrier. And if you watch the alien when it rips out of Ripley's chest, you can see that its head is distinctly different in terms of its shape. Just like human baies don't have full heads of hair and aren't fully grown when they are born, so should an alien queen infant not be any bigger than any other alien chestburster.

Corrected entry: What happened to the dude in the straightjacket in the infirmary? After Ripley finished talking to 'glorified toaster' Bishop, Prisoner Golic is carried into the infirmary in a straightjacket, accused of killing his prison mates. A few scenes later, when Ripley is talking with Clemens and the alien takes him out, Ripley runs to the mess hall where the meeting takes place and of course, Andrews gets taken out. You never see Golic again.

Correction: There's a deleted scene in which Golic escapes confinement, kills the prisoner guarding the toxic waste room and releases the alien which kills him. Not a mistake corrected by a deleted scene, it's just something we didn't see happen.

Corrected entry: At the start of the film we see acid being spilled on the ground on the Sulaco and acid burns on Newt's cryochamber, but there is only supposed to be a facehugger on the ship. Facehuggers only have acid for blood, it has no other forms of defence, so how did it burn the floor of the Sulaco to start the fire, and how did it burn into Newt's cryochaber?


Correction: They have to be able to secrete acid when they want. Otherwise, how else did the first facehugger in Alien melt through Kane's helmet?

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: When Ripley is going through the channels near the end of the film, a torch is handed to her from what looks like a crew member on the ceiling.

Correction: That's not a crew member. Its a dead inmate. The alien, as demonstrated in all previous movies, has the ability to cocoon its victims.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Ripley and the doctor perform a post mortem on Newt, they cut her open and blood flows down the drain. If it comes into prolonged contact with air, or the "user" dies, the blood should clot, and not flow like this. Even if this is wrong, they just took her out of the freezer, so she should be at least partially frozen.

Correction: The Blood does indeed flow, because the blood doesn't clot without clotting factors. There just isn't enough of those proteins to clot the whole amount of blood. And if (sic) she is dead, the liver won't produce clotting factors anymore... Besides, during autopsy there are always extra-vasated red cells, that "dye" tissue fluids to red.

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the film, the camera shows one egg, but then the movie shows two facehuggers.

Correction: Common debate between diehard fans of the films, but the running theory (and as written in the script) is that the one facehugger was carrying 2 embryos, one for the Queen and one for the warrior that would defend her. The life-cycle of the facehugger is never deeply examined in the films, and it would not be unbeleivable for a facehugger to carry two embryos, especially when it is carrying a queen embryo Naturally, the queen would need a defender, which would be the second embryo.

Corrected entry: Just after the post mortem, or autopsy, Superintendent Andrews enter. Ripley wants the bodies to be cremated but Andrews says that they'll be put on ice. Later when they discuss, who should be leader (chapter 16 on the DVD), Morse tells Ripley about things that don't work. He also mentions the freezers, so how is the Superintendent going to put the bodies on ice, if the freezers don't work? And if the freezers don't work, how come the morgue's freezers work?

Correction: Morgue freezers are a necessity. '85' mentions to Ripley at one point that 'nothing much works here.' But most things such as the computer uplink system and basic electricity works. The whole complex is basically a forgotten prison colony. Only the absolute necessities would be working, so more than likely Morse was referring to standard food freezers.

Continuity mistake: Just after the doctor started the post mortem on that little girl, the front of his gown is covered with blood. Yet, a few seconds later, after the two other guys appeared, his gown looks better, with less blood. And during the whole post mortem scene, the blood spot actually changes its size a few times. (00:17:55 - 00:19:55)

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Dillon: I wanna get this thing, and I need you to do it! And if it won't kill you, then maybe that helps us fight it.

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Trivia: The plot of the movie is a combination of two spec scripts written for the film - one was by David Twohy (Riddick) who wrote a script set on a prison planet, and another by Vincent Ward, set on a monastery planet with the same characters and basic plot. Despite this, neither received credit for the screenplay (Although Ward received story credit).

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