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Corrected entry: In the scene where Archie first comes to the forest, he enters the stage and then cues his handler to start playing the music by saying 'Hit it', before he starts singing I Will Survive. How would the guy understand Archie if Dr. Dolittle is the only person who can understand and speak to animals?

Correction: Archie only thought the guy could hear him, because he's so used to people. The man would have started the music anyway.


Corrected entry: During almost everyone of Eddie Murphy's scenes you can practically always see a giant green square or circle in the reflection of his glasses, no matter where he is.

Correction: The green (sometimes purple) color is the non-reflective coating on the lenses. This coating makes the eyes easier to see for film or photography. My glasses do the same thing.

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Continuity mistake: When Dr. Dolittle goes to tell his daughter Charisse that they are not going to Europe, Charisse is seen on the bed resting on her knees but when the camera angle changes to a view behind her she is now seen sitting on the bed. (00:20:35)

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Dr. Dolittle: You'll be the most famous bear in the world.
Archie: Bigger than Pooh?
Dr. Dolittle: If you get this right, everybody will be saying Winnie the Who.

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Trivia: In the scene where Archie is introduced to the forest animals, a man presses the button to turn on the song. This man is Doug Seus, the famous bear trainer whose bears have been in at least 8 other movies.

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Question: Why did the dogs in the park, the racing horses and the orcas of a water park go on a strike? Whatever outcome for the forest wouldn't affect them in any way.

Answer: They are striking to show solidarity for the cause to save the forest, and for recognition that all animals deserve to be treated fairly.

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