21 grams

21 grams (2003)

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Paul and Christina track down Jack. Paul takes Jack behind the motel they are staying at and tries to kill him but can't. He tells Jack to leave and never return. Dying, Paul returns to the motel room where Christina is sleeping and tells her he killed Jack. They sleep until Jack shows up and demands Paul kill him. When Paul does not, Jack attempts to take the gun so he can do it himself. Paul loses his balance and falls as Christina begins to beat Jack with a lamp. Paul, realizing he doesn't have much time left, shoots himself in the chest. Jack and Christina drive him to the hospital, but Paul dies. Jack is reunited with his family, and Christina is pregnant and alone once more.Submitted by Evan Raufbold


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When Sean Penn is outside the motel with the gun, he fires three shots past Benicio Del Toro's head into the ground behind. When Benicio falls to the ground you can see an ear plug in his left ear.



The experiment that showed that humans lose 21 grams at the moment of death were later shown to be highly flawed. The entire experiment was based on only four people. Only the first subject actually lost 21 grams. Another person lost a different weight, and the other two died before they could be properly weighed.