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Corrected entry: When the man with broken nose is wheeled along on the trolley, it is very clear that there is nothing underneath the trolley. Yet it turns out that the tiger was underneath there. (01:11:00 - 01:14:00)

Correction: He isn't "underneath the trolley." He's on the lower level of the trolley. This section is completely covered by the sheet until the tiger is revealed and he could have easily been there the entire time.

Ian Mugford

Corrected entry: In the scene where John is talking to the tiger at the circus, a two-headed llama walks by. If you look closely, you can see a wire holding up the second head.

Correction: I've watched this scene several times with regular speed, paused it, and played it frame by frame. I can see no wire holding up the second llama head, nor do I believe that this is how they'd do this scene.

Ian Mugford

Corrected entry: After John's daughter has gone back to bed after using the bathroom, the doorbell rings and in walk the sheep. How did the sheep reach the doorbell to ring it, and why didn't the wife get suspicious after hearing the doorbell ring for the second time? Surely she could hear all the noise the animals were making?

Correction: One of the other animals who can fly or jump, who came in directly after the sheep, could have rang the doorbell. Also, who says Mrs. Dolittle doesn't get suspicious? She is extremely frustrated with John after he leaves her to go "work on the proposal and to walk Lucky." She may have been simply fed up and didn't feel like going out to the living room when she heard all of the noise. Furthermore, John told her that his work partner was there, and he may not have wanted to come out in front of company in her night gown.

Ian Mugford

Corrected entry: Just before the scene when Dr. Dolittle is giving medical information to the animals that visit his home, about halfway through the movie, the doorbell rings and Eddie Murphy goes to answer it. It's at night, so he goes into the hallway and visibly turns on the light in the hall, which comes on, but there is no light switch on the wall.

Correction: There is a pillar at the end of the hallway which acts as the entrance to the living room. This pillar could easily block sight of the light switch.

Ian Mugford

Corrected entry: In some scenes it is quite obvious that the Guinea Pig used is a girl, while Rodney is obviously supposed to be a boy. It is especially noticeable in scenes when it is standing on its hind legs.

Correction: In fact determining the sex of guinea pigs is not that easy. Like most mammals (but unlike humans) the male genitalia is withdrawn into a pouch, and when this is done the genitals of the male and female are almost identical. It takes an expert eye (or gentle teasing with a cotton bud) to tell the two apart.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the owl comes to Eddie Murphy's cabin, the owl stick has a stick in its arm. Eddie Murphy takes it out and the owl says "Thanks" and flies away, and you can hear its wings beating, but in real life owls make no sound.

Correction: Owls make no noise when gliding. Few birds do. When they flap their wings they make an audible sound, just like every other bird on the planet.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Lucky and John go to the veterinarian, the vet says he must translate what the dog is saying and the dog tells John something like, "What's to translate?" Yet when the doctor is giving the options for retrieving his thermometer, the dog asks John to tell him what the vet is saying.

Correction: Because the Dog simply doesn't believe what he's hearing, and wants John to confirm it. I mean, would you believe a vet was going to stick his hand up your behind if you were a dog?

Continuity mistake: When he has the accident after hitting the dog, there is a big very noticeable dent in his truck. After he leaves the camp place it is gone and never seen again.

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Woman: Need some help?
Dr. John Dolittle: Oh, no, I'm - we're - we're fine. I'm just stretching my legs a little here.
Rodney: Ask her if she's got any lettuce.
Dr. John Dolittle: Shut your mouth. Shut your furry little mouth right now.

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Trivia: The scene where Dr Dolittle awakes to find the guinea pig in the bed with him looks like an homage to the horse's head scene in The Godfather. The way he screams, and the way the camera cuts to an external shot, is an exact copy.


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Answer: Geno deliberately broke Mark's nose during the party after Mark made a snide remark. After the party, when Mark suggested a way to have John committed and still get their money, Geno had enough of Mark's ignorance and punched him in the nose again to add further insult to injury.

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