The Cat in the Hat

Other mistake: When the things clean Mom's dress, the purple goo goes directly onto the couch on the right side of the room. After Conrad asks about the couch, and the camera pans over to the now filthy couch, look at the end table and lamp. They were in the direct line of fire, but didn't get touched. Also, look closely at the lamp. It appears to be a piece of thin lumber cut into a lamp shape.

Other mistake: In the end of the Pinata scene, one of the children looks up at the cat. No one else was supposed to see him. (00:47:10)


Other mistake: When the Cat is using the periscope to look at Nevins, the range on it reads between forty-nine point two meters, and fifty-two point four meters. These distances translate into just over one hundred sixty-one, and one hundred seventy-one feet respectively. The kids and the Cat were no more than about fifty to sixty feet at best away from Nevins.

Movie Nut
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Suggested correction: Its more plausible the device isn't calibrated properly, after all it's not like they're going to lob something that requires pin point accuracy such as a bomb for example. That and the fact the cat is keen to make a huge mess at every opportunity suggests he probably made a mess of calibrating the periscope too.

Neil Jones

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Cat in the Hat: Don't worry, I have three plans. Plan A: Mess up a perfectly clean house. Done that! Plan B: Cut your losses and ditch the kids. That could work.
Sally: What about that one?
Cat in the Hat: Plan C: Trick Mom's boyfriend into handing over dog and lock. I don't know. I still like Plan B.



When Conrad first puts the spider lock in his pocket it is put in his left pocket, but when he takes it out, he takes it out of his right pocket.



Mike Myers clicks his fingers to left and then the right of his face and then moves his waist up in a circular motion. He did the same thing in Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me.