The Cat in the Hat

Plot hole: In the scene at the little girl's party where Cat is the pinata, and he gets whacked in the groin, he screams out loud, all the kids hear him, you even see their shocked faces as well. But after Conrad and Sally throw the lollies, the kids totally forget about Cat yelling - hardly likely given the level of shock. As well as that, wouldn't the kids have noticed that the Cat didn't have a hole in it when they saw the lollies? They just came from behind a bush. And to top it all off, in the scene where all the kids are greedily on the ground grabbing the lollies, and the Cat's about to hit the kid that whacked him, in the bottom left corner, a little girl looks directly at the Cat, Conrad and Sally.

Plot hole: When Conrad, Sally and the Cat pull up to the house the camera cuts after they stop. The Cat is suddenly missing, and as the kids go up on the porch, Lawrence pops up from beside the porch. First, how did he beat them there, when he was a couple of minutes behind? Second, when the kids were approaching the house, how did they not see Lawrence crouching beside the porch when he would have been in plain sight from the direction of the driveway?

Movie Nut

Plot hole: Sally planted a secret flower for her mom that is not growing. Conrad sneaks into Sally's backyard and she asks "Did my mom hear you?" Conrad says no when Cat appears. Right when it's time for Cat to take Sally and Conrad on their learning expedition Conrad yells "Mom is it all right for us to go?"

Sapphire Chick

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