House (1986)

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BIG BOB is behind all the supernatural events occurring to Roger Cobb in his house. Bob's come back from beyond the grave still seriously pissed that Roger let him die at the VC's hands back in NAM (deep behind enemy lines). Bob was critically wounded, but instead of putting him out of his misery, Roger panicked and fled leaving his comrade to suffer a more crueler torturous fate when Charlie came across him. Bob kidnapped Jimmy and has been set on forcing Roger to kill himself so Bob can put him through the same suffering he got when he was executed. Roger however overcomes Bob's powers and after snatching back his son away from his old buddy's grip, Roger shoves one of Bob's own grenades deep into his chest blowing Bob to bloody bits and burning down the house in the process. Outside...his wife is at long last reunited with her offspring as Roger looks on.


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When Roger babysits Robert, the neighbour's son, he begins to cry, so Roger sits with him and watches TV. All of a sudden the tears on the childs face miraculously dry up between cuts.



After the cops leave Roger's house, Roger is fighting with the sandy/demon upstairs then opens the bathroom door to release the floating garden tools. There's a 1958 poster of the movie 'The Blob' at the top left of the wall - another classic horror movie.