Corrected entry: Galen tries to save the Princess from the dragon and is confronted by Tyrian. The two do battle and when their weapons collide there are "lightsaber" like effects. Galen's spear was augmented with magic so it is understandable that his weapon would be special. However, Tyrian's weapon also makes the special effects even when he uses his plain old sword against the ground.

Correction: Two possible answers to this: Either Tyrians sword also had been enhanced with magic at some point in his life, or some of the magic in Galens spear "jumped over" to Tyrian's sword during the fight.


Audio problem: During the climax of the film, the maiden takes the stone from Galen and attempts to smash the amulet. Galen pulls the stone away and says "NO! He said I'd know the time". However, his lips do not match the words. He appears to say "NO! It is not yet time!"

Jason Hoffman
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Galen: You're back! I thank the powers that made me.
Ulrich: Glad to see you, too. You didn't bring along anything to eat, by any chance?
Galen: Food?
Ulrich: But, come along, there's much to do.
Galen: No, please! I thought I was a sorcerer, I'm not. I thought I had power, I don't. You said to be strong. I wasn't.
Ulrich: But you were, my boy, you were. And you'll be stronger yet.

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