Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Trivia: In the end credits (approx 2:14:11), where the Motion Control Camera crew are listed, there are two pairs of shoe shapes showing in the lower left hand corner tower. Borrowing a quote from the film, "I swear [they] are up to no good.", because the shoes are positioned in such a way that it gives the appearance that they are engaged in a particularly adult diversion.

Trivia: It has been claimed that director Alfonso Cuaron, being a Mexican, included at some point in the movie the image of an eagle devouring a snake, which is the national symbol of Mexico. This is seen on the statues by the fountain; however, it could also be passed off as a Hogwarts logo, with one of the houses represented by a snake (Slytherin) and one represented by an eagle (Ravenclaw) respectively.

Trivia: At the end where Dumbledore has just said to Harry and Hermione "Did what?" as he walks away he is humming to the tune of 'The Mexican Hat Dance',which is a tribute to director Alfonso Cuaron, who is Mexican.

Trivia: During Hagrid's Care of Magical Creatures lesson, stationary figures and an elaborate animatronic figure of Buckbeak were used as reference points for both Harry and the class, for many of the shots. The CGI of Buckbeak was added in post production. (Special Features, Disc 2)

Trivia: When Harry is given the Maruader's Map by the Weasley twins, the name 'Moony' is misspelt on the map as 'Mooney'. Not a movie mistake, as it's a book discrepancy, but worth noting for trivia reasons - one of the visual effects supervisors is named Karl Mooney, so the spelling was probably deliberately altered for an in-reference.

Trivia: The name of the driver of the Knight Bus is Ernie Prang. 'Prang' is an uncommonly used British slang word which means to wreck or crash an automobile.

Trivia: During the boggart scene, when Ron steps up to the boggart, and it changes from Snape-dressed-as-Neville's-gran to a spider, you see a brief glimpse of Peter Pettigrew's face.

Trivia: Alan Rickman and Alfonso Cuaron played a practical joke on Daniel Radcliffe while filming 'The Prisoner of Azkaban' where they placed a fart machine in his sleeping bag, positioned him next to a girl he fancied, and set the farts off during a take that had taken ages to get.


Trivia: Michael Gambon was cast as Dumbledore after Richard Harris died. He's known for fooling around such as ad-libbing upstage or moving a pencil a couple of inches across a table after a director has set up a shot. "He's a clown," said Matthew Warchus who directed him in 3 other films. "He has the gravitas, and sadness, and extraordinary comic nature of a great clown. And he's also great fun and remarkably easy to work with."


Trivia: Alfonso Cuaron so desperately wanted practical effects in the film that he trained a kickboxer and a dancer for seven months in werewolf suits for the scenes with Lupin. When he realised that the rocky terrain would not be suitable for the stilts inside the werewolf suits, he relented and had them computer generated. Oddly enough, he also directed Gravity, which for about 80% of the film is CGI.

Visible crew/equipment: At dinner, just after Harry takes the plate from Petunia and as Aunt Marge says, "A bit more," referring to the brandy Vernon pours, in the left glass door of the hutch behind Vernon, there is a nice clear reflection of a crew member lowering his white sleeved arm off screen. (00:02:40)

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Question: When Fred and George were in possession of the Marauders Map, before giving it to Harry, how come they never wondered why Ron was always hanging around with a person called Peter Pettigrew? He shows up on the Map even whilst disguised as Scabbers, as we know from when Harry spots him.


Chosen answer: Fred and George used the map to aid them in their mischievous activities at Hogwarts, and probably had little interest in what their little brother was doing or who he might be with at any given time.

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