Clockwise (1986)

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Corrected entry: When the car enters the field, Stimpson says the road they want is 100 yards away, beyond the next hedge. How would he know this? He has no map - all he seemingly has is a pocket Atlas, which will not have field boundaries marked on it.

Correction: No, but people are known to say things such as that when trying to reassure other people.

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Corrected entry: The car the headmaster destroys is the same car that Basil Fawtly, also played by John Cleese, hit with a branch in 'Fawlty Towers.'

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Correction: The car mentioned is an Austin 1100. However; the model that Basil Fawlty beats with a branch is the estate (stationwagon) version while the one in Clockwise is a saloon.

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