The Yards

The Yards (2000)

Ending / spoiler

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Leo Handler sees his mate Willie Gutierrez switchblade stab yardmaster Elliot Gorewitz when the guy goes for his gun when he refuses to once more look the other way. Erica comes home to find Willie waiting for her, figuring she betrayed him. Fearful she sets off the silent alarm before a heated argument breaks out between them soon becoming violent he chases her up a flight of stairs up to the next floor (prior to him knocking her down and pinning her to the stairs, with her managing to struggle free and flee) heading up stairs only for him to still pursue her to the second storey. Snatching hold of her she shoves her hands into his face (as he holds onto her) followed by pummelling him round the neck, prompting her to shove her over a balcony onto the marble floor far below. With Willie look back down at her in a crumpled heap lying beside a pool of blood with her staring sightlessly back at him. He leaves her home and gets into the car as the boys in blue arrive...he gets out of his car to greet them only to be nabbed by the cops who haul him off to jail with Leo discovering his cousin's been murdered. Willie is convicted of Elliot's death whilst Leo attends Erica's funeral.

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