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Dark Star (1974)

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Corrected entry: Doolittle says they travelled 14 light years to get to the Magellanic clouds. These 2 galaxies are really about 170,000 light years away.



Correction: He didn't say he travelled 14 light years from Earth. We have no idea where his starting point was - it could have been anywhere in the Universe.

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In the scene right after pinback shoots the beach-ball alien, we see the Dark Star space craft cruising past a planet with a sun in the background. You can see a reflection on the planet which is coming from the space craft. I'm sorry, but usually ships in space are not large enough to reflect off a planet, especially to the degree this one does.



When Doolittle is floating through space after the explosion, a piece of debris which floats by him is marked "toilet tank thx 138" - a reference to George Lucas' first film