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Gorodish: Abyssus abyssum invocat.
Alba: What is Abyssus abyssum?
Gorodish: It means the abyss calls the abyss.

Le curé: I don't like Beethoven.

Paula: And some women find police work dull.

Le curé: I don't like garages.

Le curé: I don't like elevators.
Zatopek: You don't like anything.

Jules: Where are we?
Alba: In a castle.
Jules: What castle?
Alba: Where the witch makes poisoned red apples to advertise the toothpaste movie stars use.

Continuity mistake: Near the beginning of the film the two hitmen drive up to the station (where they are about to kill Nadia) in a very muddy black car. After they have made their getaway they are next seen at the scrapyard disposing of the same very clean black car.

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