The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Corrected entry: When Kemper enters the house and Erin is helping the old man in the bathroom, he shouts Erin. Wouldn't she be able to hear him since she's only in the next room? She heard the old man shout so why wouldn't she be able to hear Kemper shout?

Correction: Erin was kind of pre-occupied, what with trying to talk to the old man, listening to his pratter, helping him up, and him not being able to keep his hands to himself. It makes sense that she might miss her boyfriend calling out her name.

Corrected entry: After Erin escapes, how does "Leatherface" start his chainsaw up with only one arm? He struggled enough to start it with both arms.

Correction: It is possible to start a chainsaw by stepping on it with both feet and pulling the cord.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Erin puts Andy out of his misery by stabbing him, she gets covered with blood. A scene or two later though, her shirt is clean again.

Correction: She falls in water in the basement and washes some off but her shirt is never clean again.


Corrected entry: This movie, Norman Bates in "Psycho", and Buffalo Bill in "Silence of the Lambs", were all based on one man, Eddie Gein. He was from Plainfield, Wisconsin (USA), and was caught November 17, 1957. He confessed to killing 2 women, robbing 8 graves, and was found guilty. It was later overturned "by reason of insanity". He was sentenced to an asylum where he died of cancer.

Correction: These characters were based on a combanation of people. Gein was one of them but not the only one.

Corrected entry: When they stop at the side of the road where the girl is walking, the car stops right beside her, but in the next shot the car is a couple of feet away.

Correction: No, they swerve to miss her and slam on the brakes. No vehicle can come to a dead stop immediately, plus they were on a dirt road so they slid further from her before they actually stopped. There is never a shot showing them stopping right next to her.

Nick Bylsma

Corrected entry: In the scene where Leatherface is chasing the blonde guy through the yard, through all the sheets, he cuts his leg off with the chainsaw. Seconds later, he's carrying the blonde guy on his shoulders and into the house. Watch as he's walking down the hallway, not a single drop of blood drips from the severed leg onto the floor. Several arteries and many veins run through the leg and not a single drop of blood? Blood should be gushing or at least dripping a lot from the stub that's left of the leg.


Correction: Blood won't necessarily gush from an amputation. It's called a traumatic amputation which causes vasospasm which constricts all vessels, thus no blood flow.

Corrected entry: On the DVD, you can see some sort of equipment. It happens after the sheriff takes the body and Pepper says, "Do you think we should clean it out for him?" Then the blond guy says, "Sure, be my guest." You can see something in the top left corner of the screen. It looks almost like a feather duster end, but it is probably a microphone.

Correction: It is not a microphone nor a feather duster, it is something that the van has since the beginning of the movie, best seen before the girl shoots herself.

Corrected entry: In the scene with the hitch-hiker, it appears that the girl is walking in the same direction as the town, which is somewhat at odds with her comments of "I gotta get away", "I wanna go home" and "I won't go back there". She should be walking the opposite direction in order to get away from Leatherface and company.

Correction: I think it's pretty safe to say that she would be lost and disoriented after what she went through and she probably had no idea which direction she was going, since she didn't have her little "episode" until she saw the sign that said they were headed back to town.

Corrected entry: When the Sheriff is wrapping up the body, why doesn't he recognize the girl?

Correction: why would he admit to knowing someone who just freaked out and shot herself, even if he had a good story for knowing her she would have went to him not only because he is the only sheriff but because his story would make it seem like they were friends.

Corrected entry: When the kids are going down the road in the van and almost hit the girl that is walking, she is going in the same direction as them. But after they pick her up and they continue on their way (the same direction that they were going to begin with) she says they are going in the wrong direction and need to turn around. But if they are going in the wrong direction then why was she going the same direction as them instead of going the opposite way as them on the road.

Correction: Perhaps the reason the girl does not tell them they are going the wrong way is because she is in complete and utter shock of what she has just been through and is grateful to be picked up.

Corrected entry: When the blond guy has his leg cut off he runs through the garden with shoes on, and when he is carried back to the house his shoe (on his remaining leg) is still on. When you see him in the basement of the house there is his bare foot right in front of the screen. Hardly a subtle mistake.

Correction: It possible that his shoes may have been removed by this point.

Corrected entry: They cuss WAY to much in this movie for the time. This is set in '73, I would understand a curse word here and there, but nobody ever cussed as much as they did back then.


Correction: Is there some meter that says people didn't cuss then as much as they do now? People have been using coloful language since language was created. Just because you didn't hear any cussing in 1973, doesn't mean no one cussed. It's all about what environment you were in. To say that the whole world used less bawdy language in the past is just another "myth" about how things are always better in the past. Bah. Growing up in the 70's and 80's the language I heard from the people around me was a lot worse than it is today.


Corrected entry: In the film, where they are driving along the highway, they play the song "Sweet Home Alabama", which didn't come out until 1974. The film is set in the summer of 1973.

Correction: The song was actually made before 1973. If you have seen Forest Gump, your hear the song when he is Vietnam, which was before 1973.

Corrected entry: After the girl has shot herself in the head, the hole in the window is a circular shape, yet in the shot where they drive off after Pepper says she will never get back in the van, the hole in the window is an irregular shape.

Correction: Some of the pieces of glass that were barely hanging on fell off as the van drove off, making the hole irregular.

Corrected entry: There isn't a wheelchair ramp for the old guy at the house. In the scene where Jessica Biel and her friend without the glasses go looking for her boyfriend, the old man is on the ground outside while Jessica Biel is distracting him. After Biel goes into the house, the old man gets inside with his wheelchair pretty easily considering that he has no legs, there is no ramp, and he is still on his wheelchair.

Correction: Actually, there is a ramp. Its off to the side, and Andy uses it to go into the house to look for Kemper.

Corrected entry: In the scene when Erin is in the Hewitt's basement and she finds Andy, he appears to be supporting himself with his arms. The hook he is on is not visible as it is behind him, but she somehow knows it is there, and tries to help him off it immediately.

Correction: There were a lot of other hooks in the room so she would've seen one of them and assumed that he was on one.

Corrected entry: At the start, one of the couples is in the back. Kissing and what not. The nerd guy with glasses goes on about AIDS and STD's but this film is supposed to be set in 1973. It was many years later when these facts were found out.

Correction: He never mentions anything about AIDS specifically, and STD's were well known in those days and were a serious issue.

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the movie, when the group is in the van messing around with the pot-filled pinata, it breaks on the floor and spills the drugs. A scene or two later, when Kemper throws it out into the field, the pinata is intact and the drugs are still inside.

Correction: The pinata does not actually break, it only opens up, allowing the pot to fall out. One of the guys is shown picking it all up very quickly, presumably to place it back in the pinata.

Corrected entry: Why would Leatherface attack the police car at the end of the movie? He knows that it belongs to R. Lee Ermy.

Correction: Since Leatherface was standing down the road, it is also very likely that he would have seen R. Lee Ermy run over multiple times by that car. Even if he couldn't tell it was Jessica Biel in the car, he would still attack the person that had just killed a member of his family.

Corrected entry: We eventually find out that the girl at the beginning of the movie gave birth, and the family stole the baby for themselves. However, when she is first picked up, it is clear she had just given birth within the past 24 hours, and when we see the baby, it is certainly too old to be a newborn.

Correction: The baby is not a newborn. The blood between the womans legs is not from giving birth but from some attack or outside interference. The baby is seen in the picture they find in the car with his mother, making it very possible.

Continuity mistake: When the girl shoots herself her body is still sitting upright in the backseat, but when the van hits a bump in the road and the body falls onto its side. When the van stops in the next shot the body is sitting back up again without anyone moving it.

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Morgan: What are we gonna do?
Kemper: I don't know... uh... we gotta call the cops, I guess.
Morgan: Um, yeah, on a list of bad ideas, that one goes, way up there. Oh, police officers, please, as you inspect a crime scene, which is now our van, please, ignore the colorful pinata, filled with marijuana, in case you happen to come across it, because it played no part, you know, whatsoever in the demise of this unfortunate, young, woman.

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Trivia: During the police video sections of the film you can sometimes hear a camera flashbulb popping and then recharging. This same sound effect was used at the beginning of the original film when we see the decimated corpses being photographed.

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Question: What has happened by the time the police footage is shown? After Erin escaped and killed the "Sheriff", police footage of the area is then shown (at the beginning as well), such as the police collecting evidence and filming a walk-through, as if the house has been abandoned for years, but it's only a day after. What has happened to the rest of the Hewitt family (Luda May, Monty, Tea Lady etc.), with the exception of Leatherface who escaped? How did the police only find out about the Hewitts then?

Answer: Erin must have led the police back to the house and then the Hewitt's were taken away so that way evidence could be collected. They must have thought that Leatherface had escaped and was no longer in the house.

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