Sling Blade

Sling Blade (1996)

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Directed by: Billy Bob Thornton

Starring: Dwight Yoakam, J.T. Walsh, John Ritter

Genres: Drama

Corrected entry: This movie is set in a small southern town but in one shot a Raley's supermarket is visible. Raley's only has stores in select parts of Northern California, New Mexico, and Nevada.

Correction: That's not a Raley's your are seeing, it's a Rally's hamburger joint. Those are/were all over the Southeast and in Arkansas where the movie was filmed.

Continuity mistake: When Karl stayed at the Warden's home, the first shot which would be the following morning, shows the exterior of a single story home. In the following shot of the interior, there is a staircase going up to a second floor.

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Linda: Frank's always after a father figure and Lord knows Doyle ain't one with his mean ass.
Vaughan Cunningham: What about me?
Linda: Frank doesn't really see you as a guy-guy.
Vaughan Cunningham: Oh, and Karl's a guy-guy?

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