Duplex (2003)

Plot summary

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Alex Rose and Nancy Kendricks are newlyweds looking for a new apartment to live in. After looking at some awful apartments they stumble across an amazing duplex. The problem is the top floor of the duplex is inhabited by an old irish lady Mrs. Connely. Due to a clause in the contract, Alex and Nancy can't simply kick her out.

Mrs. Connely isn't the average tenant, she likes to watch television loud, all night long and does everything to put Alex, a writer, off from finishing his book.

Both Alex and Nancy, being incredibly tired and fed up, start to come up with ways to either make her move, or even kill her.


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Mrs. Connelly: Tell me about yourselves. What do you do Alan?
Alex Rose: Uh, it's Alex.
Nancy Kendricks: Alex is a writer.
Mrs. Connelly: Oh, a writer. I always thought of that as more of a hobby than a real job. I suppose I'm forgetting about Joyce.
Alex Rose: Joyce. James Joyce. Of course. Wonderful writer.
Mrs. Connelly: He died drunk and penniless.



When Alex shoots the harpoon and the old lady is returning to her apartment, Alex puts back the harpoon on the mantle and the rope of the harpoon is neatly folded back up. He wouldn't have had the time to properly do this by the time she returned.