Duplex (2003)

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After the fire, Alex and Nancy renovate and sell the duplex. Just before they go to leave, the real estate agent persuades them to visit Mrs. Connely one last time to say goodbye. They discover her dead in her chair, and Alex and Nancy look angry. They go to the park, sit and chat about where she is, if she'll be in a better place.Meanwhile, Mrs. Connely is alive and well, serving tea to her son, the estate agent and his boyfriend, the policeman. It turns out that this was just a ploy to get the estate agent comission from more sales. Mrs. Connely has now Alex and Nancy's wedding picture on her mantlepiece along with pictures of every couple they have duped. Mrs. Connely talks about Alex's book and hopes that he writes about something he knows better about.We see a bookstore with the 1 Best Selling book, "The Duplex" by Alex Rose.


Continuity mistake: When Alex is lying on the hospital, you can see that, after the nurse checks his testicles, the light blue uniform changes from plain to crease several times.


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Mrs. Connelly: I couldn't help noticing that Alex left the house this morning while you stayed home.
Nancy Kendricks: I was downsized from my job.
Mrs. Connelly: Oh, I'm sorry, but I'm sure it's for the best. Let Mr. Rose get out there and bring home the bacon. I always thought it was strange your husband staying home while you were out there providing.
Nancy Kendricks: Well, he's a writer.
Mrs. Connelly: Writer? The man naps more than a newborn pup. What's he writing about? Sheep?

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Question: What is the word that Drew Barrymore says to her boss, which she claims means that he'll have it "right away"?

Answer: She says "tickety-boo" - later on he asks for her article and says he wants it "tickety-now" not "tickety-boo".

david barlow

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