Cold Creek Manor

Easter egg: From the main menu, go to the special features menu and then to the deleted scenes menu. Once you've watched the intro by the director, highlight "A struggle at the devils throat" and press up to see some rather disturbing drawings.

Easter egg: In the scene selection menu, go to scenes 1-3, which is where you start off, underline scenes 10-12 and press down once to view some old photographs of the manor and the people who built it.

Easter egg: From the main menu, go to the special features menu then to the audio commentary menu. Highlight "bonus" and hit left once to see some old pictures of the manor.

Easter egg: On the main menu, highlight "play" and hit left once to view some pictures of Dale Massie's family.



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In the scene where Dennis Quaid has just rescued Sharon Stone from the devil's throat, they are running through the woods to get back to the house. Quaid says to Stone that they will take the Jeep. He is referring to the Jeep Grand Cherokee that he drives throughout the film. It's a newer model, possibly a Limited, with flashy star-shaped chrome rims. When they get to the house, they see that the Jeep is up in flames. The camera hangs on the vehicle for a solid 3-5 seconds. From this camera shot, it is extremely obvious that the flaming Jeep has rims that, although still star-shaped, are styled quite differently and are most likely the alloy wheel that was very popular on the older Laredo edition from the early to mid-90's.