Cold Creek Manor

Corrected entry: Towards the end on the roof when Cooper is throwing tiles at Dale, one hits him in the head and he bleeds all over his forehead, after Dale falls through the window and hits the ground it zooms up on his face and there isn't a drop of blood nor a scratch or cut from the tile hitting him.

kurt hudson

Correction: Actually, you can see the gash on the side of his head, right at his hair line. the blood could be gone because it is raining heavily.

Corrected entry: When Dennis Quaid and Sharon Stone are in the forest, after finding the bodies, it seems as though, in the background, the New York City skyline is visible, yet they are supposed to be far from a city.

Correction: You couldn't possibly see New York from the forest shot as the entire thing was filmed in Ontario, Cananda.

Corrected entry: In the opening sequence when Sharon Stone is lying in bed - the alarm goes off. In her dazed state she fumbles to turn off the alarm - the time reads 04:10. As she presses the buttons on top of the alarm clock she hits the alarm set button and you can see 12:00 appear. If the alarm is set for 12:00 then how did it go off at 04:10?

Correction: Many alarm clocks have more than one alarm setting (multiple wake times).


Corrected entry: The setting is a deep country area, if you listen carefully it is obvious that Ruby has somewhat of a northern/New York accent, along with a few others.

kurt hudson

Correction: The town is within a day's drive of New York City. Who's to say some of the people didn't originally live near there?


Corrected entry: At the beginning of the film, the alarm clock goes off and Leah wakes up. At this time the digital alarm clock has red numbers. Cooper tells her to reset the clock and she forgets, and then, when he wakes up, you can see that the numbers in the alarm clock are now green.

Correction: the alarm clock is the same color in both shots.

Corrected entry: How did Dave manage to kill a pony and put the corpse in the pool? The pony was way too heavy to pull after its death, and the pony would never have gotten in the pool alive.

Correction: He could have walked the pony out next to the pool, killed it, and then pushed it into the pool.

Jack's Revenge



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In the scene where Dennis Quaid has just rescued Sharon Stone from the devil's throat, they are running through the woods to get back to the house. Quaid says to Stone that they will take the Jeep. He is referring to the Jeep Grand Cherokee that he drives throughout the film. It's a newer model, possibly a Limited, with flashy star-shaped chrome rims. When they get to the house, they see that the Jeep is up in flames. The camera hangs on the vehicle for a solid 3-5 seconds. From this camera shot, it is extremely obvious that the flaming Jeep has rims that, although still star-shaped, are styled quite differently and are most likely the alloy wheel that was very popular on the older Laredo edition from the early to mid-90's.