True Crime
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Alan Mann: Stop fucking Bob's wife. He doesn't like it.

Alan Mann: I can't fart loud enough to express my opinion.

Alan Mann: Issues are shit we use as an excuse to run good stories. "Judge Grabs Female Attorney's Tits. "The sex discrimination "issue." "Nine-year-old Shoots Brother With Uzi." The child violence "issue." People want to read about sex organs and blood.

Henry Lowenstein: Well, speak of the devil! Alan tells me I'm paying you too much.
Steve Everett: You can rest assured I'm frittering it away on women and booze.
Henry Lowenstein: You're a real dyed-in-the-wool son of a bitch. Anybody ever tell you that?
Steve Everett: Just close friends and family.

Alan Mann: Look, if he comes to me for your ass, I'm going to have to give it to him. Then you'll just be a hole, with no ass around it.

Continuity mistake: Warren is shown ripping the locket from Amy's neck after he shoots her, yet when he throws the locket on the seat of the car, the clasp is not broken, as if Warren had removed it properly.


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