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Corrected entry: The first characters to get eaten are all swallowed at a reasonably fast rate. The tentacles engulf them within seconds. But, when the last army-guy wastes his bullet on Joey while being eaten, the tentacle takes at least 15 minutes to get up to his chest. If the creatures are "learning" (as it has been stated many times) shouldn't they have learned how to kill humans faster by now, since it is almost the end of the movie?

Correction: I don't know where you got 15 minutes from, the scene only lasts two or three at most, and after gobbling down so many people on the ships, you would think the beasts may slow down, as they may be breifly getting "full."

Corrected entry: The pirate team is obviously very well-equipped and well-financed. They have obviously all worked together regularly before. Why then do they hire an unknown boat and crew to transport them? It seems more likely that they would buy a boat and use a crew that they knew they could trust, with the same attitude as the rest of them, not three people they had never met before, including an extremely flaky mechanic.

Correction: Buying a boat that was equipped well-enough would be problematic, because they would have to actually go through the paces of buying the boat and all the other necessary equipment, fill out paperwork, etc. Hiring a boat would actually require less work and less maintenence for them, and be more efficient.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the characters are about to go underwater, two of the creatures come blasting through a corridor. If you freeze frame, you can see that one of the creatures goes right through a wall. (01:05:41)

Correction: What part of "if you have to freeze the frame it is not a mistake" listed in the movie rules did you not understand?


Corrected entry: Why, when the main character shoots out the Octopus' eye, doesn't it simply swallow him with its tentacles? Why would it give him all the time in the world to get a good shot straight into the pupil. No member of the Ottoia family would taunt its food in this manner.

Correction: Well, I don't know how many giant mutated sea creatures attacked you, but personally, I don't think it's anyone's place to say what the creature can and cannot do. I mean, you see cats and dogs toying with their prey, so why can't the giant creature at the end do the same?

Corrected entry: When the Australian guy (I forget his name) is searching through the ship after he just heard some sounds, he is attacked by a tentacle and dragged down into a pipe. This pipe is too small for him to fit, so blood squirts out the sides. Yet, somehow his gun lands on the table in front of the main characters. This should not happen.

Correction: He is being carried around by the creatures, being eaten, so he probably was at one point inside of the creatures mouth, above the lead characters, hence the gun was able to land in front of them.

Corrected entry: In the end of the movie the cruiser is taking in a lot of water. The male key character is racing around the floors filled with seawater in a scooter. The water penetrates from a hole in the buttom of the cruiser. Finally he finds a hole in she ship where he can get out. When he leaves the cruiser he actually jumps down several meters, I just don't understand how the level of the water inside the cruiser can be about 10 meters higher than the sea level?

Correction: The water level is the same inside and outside, which is why the character has to jump out, the only way out was 10 meters above water level.

Corrected entry: Joey asks if it can "really get any worse" at one point in the film, and of coarse, it does; the power goes off (lights and everything). But later, the 2 characters are racing through the ship on a Jet-ski, they shoot an elevator button and the doors open. How does the elevator work without power?

Correction: On a ship that size, there obviously has to be some sort of auxillery or back-up power. It wouldn't make sense for there not to be one.

Corrected entry: When the characters fall out of the elevator into the room filled with skeletal remains they all get freaked out and then they see the door at the end looking like its going to explode. This is the tentacles pushing up against the door and trying to get in. But, if the door is locked and it can't get in, then how did the remains of the crew/passengers get there. The creature must have some way of getting its arms into that room other than bursting down the door, so why doesn't it use it. Further more, later in the movie we see the tentacles shutting and locking the doors to force the characters to the front of the ship, so then why couldn't it just do this in the earlier scenes.

Correction: The creatures probably came through the elevator shaft earlier; and since it has just crashed, they cannot use that route again. And anyways, the creatures are still fairly new to the ship, it is not untill LATER that they begin to "figure it out" and understand how to open/shut doors and such.

Corrected entry: The octopus creatures can rip through steel doors some times only when it is convenient for the screenwriter; often, they are stopped dead.

Correction: The creatures are different sizes and are therefore presumably not equally strong.

Corrected entry: When the pirates first comes across Famke Janssens character, she is wearing a red dress. Then all of a sudden she has changed into something more suitable and convenient to jump around in. We never get to see her change. When this happens, she stays in the new outfit for the rest of the movie.

Correction: In the scene where the ship's owner is talking about how expensive the ship is to run and why he hired the terrorists, Famke Janssen is seen in the background digging through some lockers to find more suitable clothes.

Grumpy Scot

Continuity mistake: When Vivo finds Pantucci snooping around the cargo, he throws him to the middle of the mercenaries, and they all get around him, including T. Ray who smiles at him; when T. Ray smiles at Joey he is standing up, but when he gives the first kick he is sitting down.

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Finnegan: Like a fine wine, I'm aging gracefully, thank you.
Mason: Like a fine wine my ass. You look more like a keg of beer to me.

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Question: There is a scene where Canton says he believes the creatures were a strange offshoot of the ARCHAEA OTTOIA family. He then describes how big they get based on how deep down they are as well as what they do to their victims. Question is does the Archaea Ottoia really exist? If so is anything Canton said about it true? I tried looking for this creature in the search engine but with no luck.


Chosen answer: According to the DVD commentary, the monsters in the film are a combination of 3 different undersea creatures. All of them are microscopic.

Grumpy Scot

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