Deep Rising

Continuity mistake: When Vivo finds Pantucci snooping around the cargo, he throws him to the middle of the mercenaries, and they all get around him, including T. Ray who smiles at him; when T. Ray smiles at Joey he is standing up, but when he gives the first kick he is sitting down.

Continuity mistake: In the end of the movie, it is raining in all of the shots, except for a single shot after the heroes jump out of the exploding ship, immediately after a shot where it is raining.

Continuity mistake: When the owner of the ship is screaming, "This equipment is state of the art. Top of the line," he goes from facing the Captain behind him to facing forward, between cuts.

Continuity mistake: When the woman is "sucked" into the floor of the bathroom, at one point she accidentally pulls a faucet from a sink next to her, causing water to begin spraying upwards and raining down. Problem is, less than two seconds later, she's already completely soaked and we see a closeup shot of her kicking her feet, and there's already a large volume of water on the floor. Far too much water for how short a period of time it's been coming out of the faucet.

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Suggested correction: 1st of all, she's sucked through the toilet, not the floor. 2nd of all, a creature coming through the toilet will produce a lot of toilet water all over the place.


The first point is debatable - we never see where she gets sucked through, so it's unclear. As for the second point, I just watched the scene to check, and she is literally soaked instantly between shots, and the water on the floor also appears almost instantly. The argument that the water came from the toilet doesn't explain how she is suddenly soaked between cuts or how so much water is already on the floor in the literal 1/24th of a second between cuts. They obviously cut the scene quickly and frantically to make it intense, and it created a minor continuity mistake where there is suddenly a lot more water, and she's much wetter. The original mistake is correct.


She sitting on the toilet. She hears the creature and looks directly beneath her. She stands half an inch before she's grabbed. Therefore, it easily stands she got pulled into the toilet. As for the water, I know a plumber who says something big that shoots up from the toilet like that can cause serious water damage. Therefore, the original correction is correct.


Whether she gets sucked through the toilet or floor frankly doesn't matter for the mistake, which is that she's instantly soaked. And I've done plumbing before too. It's literally impossible for that much water to appear in 1/24th of a second. (Which is the time between cuts, since film is 24fps.) Lemme explain it this way - it takes 1/3 of a second to blink your eye. (Equal to roughly 8 fames of film.) You're telling me that that much water could instantly appear in 1/8 the time it takes to blink your eye? That is literally impossible. If your plumber tries to tell you that your bathroom can suddenly be full of water in 1/24 of a second... you need a new plumber.


You may have done plumbing, but I doubt you ever had a giant sea creature come up from beneath the toilet either. Without knowing the situation of these creatures who caused a giant hole in tons of steel that the ship is, then all our answers are just speculation.


The fundamental problem is, it's literally impossible for that much water to have appeared that quickly and for someone to instantly be soaked in 1/24 of a second. It has nothing to do with giant sea creatures... water still has to obey the basic laws of physics. It can't just magically appear in the 1/24 of a second between frames.


Continuity mistake: When the guy and the girl (the stars of the movie) are jumping out of the big boat, you can clearly see that when they land in the water they are going to fall off and they cut it so that it looks like they landed great.

Continuity mistake: When they have first transferred to the cruise liner, one guy is using a welder on something. In one scene the welder is lit, and in the next one it is not.

Continuity mistake: When Vivo finds Pantucci snooping around the cargo, he throws him to the middle of the mercenaries, and they all get around him, including T. Ray who smiles at him; when T. Ray smiles at Joey he is standing up, but when he gives the first kick he is sitting down.

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Trivia: The character of Finnegan was written with Harrison Ford in mind, but Ford passed on the project. As a result, the producers got cold feet and the budget was slashed substantially.

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Question: There is a scene where Canton says he believes the creatures were a strange offshoot of the ARCHAEA OTTOIA family. He then describes how big they get based on how deep down they are as well as what they do to their victims. Question is does the Archaea Ottoia really exist? If so is anything Canton said about it true? I tried looking for this creature in the search engine but with no luck.


Chosen answer: According to the DVD commentary, the monsters in the film are a combination of 3 different undersea creatures. All of them are microscopic.

Grumpy Scot

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