No Man's Land

No Man's Land (2001)

Ending / spoiler

Ciki is able to procure a gun while the UN security personnel aren't looking, and he distracts the two guards around Nino with a knife before aiming his gun. The media reporters then distract Ciki, and Nino grabs a gun from the security guard, but before he can get a shot off, Ciki fires and kills Nino. Immediately, the other guard fires about 5 shots into Ciki with a FAMAS F1, killing him.

Later, it is found that the bomb expert is unable to defuse the bomb under Cera, but the colonel on scene instructs everyone that Cera is out and the bomb has been defused, so everyone leaves. The colonel then gives orders to send false info to both sides of the conflict that would provoke them to fire artillery on the trench, disposing of the still-alive Cera and thus covering up the UNPROFOR's failure.



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