Dance With Me

Dance With Me (1998)

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Corrected entry: When Rafael takes Ruby to the club the second time, she tells him that she cannot dance the way that he does, yet in the minutes following that, she seems to have caught on quite quickly.

Correction: She is a professional dancer, she should be able to pick up dance moves quickly, especially in a more relaxed setting like a dance floor where much is supposed to be 'adlibbed'

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In the big professional Latin dance championship scene at the end of the movie, the competitors perform four dances: the samba, the cha-cha, the paso doble, and the rumba. In reality, however, a professional Latin dance championship, regardless of where you go, is almost always a 5-dance event: a cha-cha, a samba, a rumba, a paso doble, and a jive. Rumor has it that a jive sequence was originally supposed to be part of the competition scene but was cut from the final version of the film for unknown reasons.