The Substitute
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Mr. Darrell Sherman: So is this a personal mission, or a joint operation between the CIA and the PTA?

Mr. Darrell Sherman: Rolle was a cop. He knows the law.
Hannah Dillon: Yeah, that's right Darrell, you keep the faith.

Shale: I'm in charge of this class. I'm the warrior chief. I'm the merciless god of anything that stirs in my universe. You fuck with me, and you will suffer my wrath.

Rem: Snipa on palm tree.

Principal Claude Rolle: Two of your students are in the nurse's office talking a lawsuit right now.
Shale: Why, is the nurse a lawyer?

Wellman: Snipa on palm tree.

Rodriguez: Move that briefcase, I wanna see that beautiful ass.

Continuity mistake: When Shale gets in the fight in the library, he takes a round to the upper left chest. When he takes the shirt off to reveal the vest there's no bullet and no damage to the vest.

Ian Hunt
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Trivia: The movie was shot during the summer months and kids enrolled in summer classes were extras on the film. Free Papa John's pizza was served to anyone who would stay after school.

Ian Hunt
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