Creature from the Black Lagoon

Corrected entry: When the scientists go into the black lagoon, their boat is named Rita. Their lifeboat is also named Rita. All boats are given different names, so it would be impossible for the lifeboat and the boat to both be named Rita.

Correction: The lifeboats on the Titanic also had Titanic on them. It is simply to show where the lifeboat came from.

Correction: There is no law requiring boat owner to give each craft a different name. I bought a boat off someone who named the boat their mother's name. The new boat that replaced the one I bought was christened with the same name. And we were at the same lake.


Continuity mistake: When Richard Denning and Richard Carlson approach the boat ladder coming back from their first dive in the Black Lagoon, you can see the net hanging underwater just to their right. It already has the huge torn hole that is in it when they hoist it up after the creature is caught for a moment in a later scene.

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Lucas: What kind of fishing is that? Who eats rocks?
Carl Maia: I eat rocks, in a manner of speaking. I crush and look inside them and they tell me things.
Lucas: What do they tell you?
Carl Maia: How old they are.

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Trivia: William Alland who produced The Creature From The Black Lagoon, acted in Citizen Kane as the reporter who investigates Kane's career. During the filming Alland met Mexican cinematographer Gabriel Figueroa Mateos, who told him a legend of an amphibious creature who comes out of the River Amazon to seize women. Alland wrote a story based on the legend, which would form the basis of this 1954 horror film.

Rob Halliday

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