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Mr. Crummles: Happiness is a gift and the trick is not to expect it, but to delight in it when it comes.

Ralph Nickleby: I will put his ruin ahead of my own business! I will listen to every rumour, every rumble until I can strike him. And then I will strike him, until he can be struck no more.

John Browdie: Wait. I say Wait. I've come from the schoolhouse. Mr Squeers says he was attacked. Beaten, and nearly sensless. When he said it was thee who did it, I knew thee must nor be allowed to leave.
Nicholas: We will not be stopped.
John Browdie: ...without my shaking your hand and saying to thee, "Job well done." Give us thee hand, will you?

Newman Noggs: Are you at home?
Ralph Nickleby: Yes.
Newman Noggs: To anybody?
Ralph Nickleby: Yes.
Newman Noggs: To the tax gatherer?
Ralph Nickleby: No.

Smike: Now. Now I can say it. I am happy.

Ralph Nickleby: Are you threatening now to tell others of whatever you learned when you were my clerk? To be plain, Mr. Brooker, the world already knows what sort of man I am and I do not grow poorer. You cannot stain a black coat.

Ralph Nickleby: He was stolen, right from under you?
Wackford Squeers: Not to be literal about it, and I'm not sure if this will dissipate your various strong emotions on the subject, but he was actually stolen right from over me.

Nicholas: That's John Browdie.
Newman Noggs: Is he good or bad.
Nicholas: He gave me money when he heard I'd beaten Squeers.
Newman Noggs: Oh, than he's good.

Smike: Though I would have died to make her happy it broke my heart to see. I know he loves her dearly.
Nicholas: Kate.
Smike: I love her.

Nicholas: Weakness is tiring, but strength is exhausting.

Nicholas: My father told me that the great journey of my life would be to find such a person. But, I am nearly 20 years of age and I fear he may be wrong.

Ralph Nickleby: There he is! He's the man with one eye. Though popular prejudice runs in favor of two.

Smike: What faces will smile on me when I die? Who will comfort me that long night? They cannot come from home. They would frighten me if they did, for I shouldn't know them. No. There is no hope.

Nicholas: See I cannot save you. For I need saving too.

Continuity mistake: When Smike and Nicholas are with the theater company the man who is the savage is just about to perform the highland fling Mr. Crummell comes up and stops him. The man who is the savage in the play grabs the flams then in the next shot they show him grabbing it again.

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Question: When Nicholas and Mr. Squeers arrive at the school, Nicholas asks, "Is this Dotheboys Hall?" and Squeers replies something I can't understand, followed by, "We call it that in London because it sounds better." Anyone know what he says?


Chosen answer: Squeers says, "No need to call it a hall up here" and then he says "We call it that in London because it sounds better."

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