Down by Law

Continuity mistake: During their escape the three protagonists have to wade through a canal. A few moments later their clothes are dry again.



Continuity mistake: When Zack and Jack walk from the place where the boat sank their shirts are perfectly OK. During the next rest they start fighting, and you can see that both their shirts are torn badly before the fight even begins.



Continuity mistake: When Laurette and Zack have a fight she throws his records around. First some whole records are lying on the floor, later they are broken and at different spots. Also some records on the bed disappear or change their places.



Continuity mistake: While Jack, Zack, and Bob paddle through the swamps they change places. This is hardly possible considering the shape and the shakiness of the boat and Bob's lack of swimming skills, plus there is no reason to take such a risk.



Continuity mistake: At the end of the film Zack and Jack hide in some bushes while they are watching Luigi's Tin Top. The are shown from the front and from the back, and in both shots the bushes are different.



Continuity mistake: When Jack and his girlfriend talk in his room she is lying on the bed, her head rested against a metal frame. In a different angle, seen from behind, the frame is gone and her head is on the pillow. Later it's on the frame again.



Continuity mistake: When Jack and Zack look through the window into Luigi's Tin Top there is an empty table between the dinner table and the window. In the following shot inside the house the empty table and chairs are in a different place, closer to the wall. In the next morning they are in the original position again.



Continuity mistake: On the run through the swamps Zack and Jack leave Bob behind because he can't swim. When Zack comes back a minute later to help Bob through the water he doesn't come from where he went before.



Continuity mistake: When the three protagonists come to the hut in the swamps, Bob's shirt is first tucked in in the back and hanging loose in front. When they step up the porch it is tucked in in front and loose in the back. Finally, when they enter the house, it's again tucked in in the back and loose in the front.



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