Antwone Fisher

At the suggestion of Dr. Davenport, Antwone decides to search and find his family. He convinces his girlfriend to accompany him on his trip. After no luck at the Social Services office, on the suggestion of his girlfriend Antwone decides to go back to Ms. Tate and try to get whatever information he can. After confronting Ms. Tate and Nadine, Ms. Tate reveals the name of his father, Edward Elkins. Antwone and his girlfriend grab about twenty phone books and start cold calling all the "Elkins" they can in the area looking for information on his family. After a few hours Antwone finally finds his father's younger sister.He meets up with his new found "Auntie" and they figure out who and where Antwone's mother is. Antwone then decides to confront his mother. When Antwone shows up and identifies himself, his mother runs into the back room and cries. Antwone follows her and gives a speech about his life and asks why she never came to look for him, only no answer follows. Antwone decides to leave and goes back to his Aunt's home. When he gets there he finds a big family gathering has been organized in his honor. After meeting his new family he goes into the dining area to find a huge spread waiting for him, including a huge plate of pancakes, just like his dream in the beginning!Later he tells Davenport about success. Davenport tells Fisher he and his wife are unable to have children, and instead of he helping Antwone as a patient, Antwone actually helped Davenport by helping him be a better husband and person. The ending scene shows Davenport and Fisher walking off to go eat lunch together.


Continuity mistake: After the Thanksgiving dinner when Denzel and his wife are in the bedroom discussing Antwone she takes off her necklace and puts it down. Then they cut to Denzel laying in bed, and when they cut back to his wife she is taking the necklace off again.

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Jerome Davenport: "Regard without ill-will despite an offense." That's Webster's definition of forgiveness.
Antwone Fisher: Why do I have to forgive?
Jerome Davenport: So you can get on with your life.

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