Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd

Factual error: This happens during the scene when Harry and Lloyd offer the little boy 5 dollars to get them slushies. This movie is set in the 80's but notice the $5 he gives him. It is the newer issued $5 that came out in the 90's.

Terri Engblom

Revealing mistake: In the scene where Harry and Lloyd first meet by running into each other, when it shows it in slow motion, you can see Lloyd brace for an impact when he's not suppose to know Harry is coming.

Revealing mistake: When we see the slow motion replays of Harry and Lloyd colliding, you can see that Lloyd's tooth doesn't touch Harry's head. In fact, their heads completely miss each other.

Revealing mistake: In the scene where the guys get the flagpole wedgie, we see Lloyd's coat being pulled up by invisible wires.

Factual error: When the guys are playing "it" in the Big A store, you can see Dasani and Mountain Dew Livewire - drinks that have only been around a few weeks/years.


Continuity mistake: In the scene were Lloyd finds Harry's "treasure chest", you can see that the chest is laying flat against the wall, but when the Principal and the lunch lady come and find it missing, there is a small dirt outline, as if the chest was pointing out from the wall, instead of larger outline, as if it were flat against the wall.

Revealing mistake: In the scene where Harry is going to Jessica's house on the waxer, if you watch carefully most likely you'll catch the last person who falls is wearing roller-blades like the kind that look like shoes.

Revealing mistake: When Jessica is riding in the principal's car they pass a gas station where there is a white late 90's/2000ish van. This film is set in the 80's.


Factual error: In the scene where Lloyd puts on a record on over the loud speaker to get ready for school in the morning, it plays Ice Ice Baby. This song was first released in 1990, whereas the film's set in the 80's.

Continuity mistake: When Lloyd is at Harry's window trying to wake up with him, the shards of glass on the windowsill keep changing positions. In the final shot of the scene, they have disappeared altogether.

Continuity mistake: When Jessica is chasing the bus to the museum, her hubcap comes off after she goes airborne over the hill. It is back on in the next shot.

Visible crew/equipment: In the scene where Harry and Lloyd are drinking slushies Lloyd starts to tell Harry "you gotta go fast Harry", right then you can see something black covering up Lloyd's "cracked tooth" proving that it's not cracked.

Continuity mistake: When Lloyd is sticking the napkins on himself in the cafeteria, you can see he is wearing underwear under the napkins, while in the next shot he isn't.

Continuity mistake: When Harry and Lloyd first collide, if you look carefully you can see that Lloyd still has his entire tooth when he falls. It was supposed to be chipped.

Continuity mistake: When Ms. Heller is talking to the tour guide at the museum, she offers her a $5 bill to take the tour twice. How the bill is folded and held changes. When Ms. Heller says do the tour twice the pinched between her fingers, then it's folded in half. It keeps switching between folds. (00:35:19)

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Suggested correction: I didn't see it folded at all. The "other half" or part of the $5 bill that you can't see is actually squished/crumbled in the palm of Heller's hand.


The mistake is partially valid, its position changes. You seem to be talking about when she has the $5 and camera in her hand. When she says do the tour twice, it's pinched between her fingers, then in the next shot, it's folded in half, then she's pinching the end and the other end is unfolded, then back to folded in half.


Factual error: Throughout the movie, Lloyd and Harry often drink Slushees. However, Slushee was not a company until 1996.

Continuity mistake: When Jessica and the principal are in his car watch the driver's side mirror. When Lloyd and Harry are following them you see a side view of the car and it has a regular teardrop mirror. After Lloyd and Harry get ice cream the principal is telling Jessica no one will be looking for her and the side view mirror has gone to a big square truck mirror like welded to the door.


Revealing mistake: In the shot when Harry and Lloyd are holding on the principal's car while riding in a shopping cart, the speedometer on the principal's car reads zero, while they are rolling forward with some speed.

Factual error: The Big A store sells beer and wine. In Rhode Island, it is not allowed for convenience stores to sell alcohol.

Low Cow

Continuity mistake: When the bus is driving to the museum the camera goes to Lloyd and Harry. In the window you see a car passing. When the movie shows an overhead shot of the road, there is no car in front or to the side of the bus.

Jessica's Father: Oh my God. He shit everywhere. There's shit everywhere! Damn it! There's shit on the windows! Oh my God! My house is full of shit! He shit everywhere! Look what he did, he shit all over the wall!

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Trivia: The guy who plays Lewis in the film also plays a guy called Lewis on the TV sitcom Even Stevens.

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Question: I hear that Kyle Gass is supposed to be in this movie. Does someone know who he plays?

Answer: I can't find any credited source saying that Kyle Gass was in this movie.

T Poston

Answer: I didn't do a thorough or very extensive search, but of the numerous sites I did check, I found ONE reference indicating that he WAS in the movie: tvguide.com. However, what part he played was not specified. There is a photo apparently showing what was probably a cameo, and it looks like he is one of two men standing in an interior doorway (such as in the cafeteria?). During my search, it became obvious that Kyle has had a minor role in MANY movies.


The TV guide site you're referencing is just wrong and I don't know why they added him. You'll notice he's the only one without a character name. And the picture they used isn't a still from the film. The "other man" in the picture is Jack Black. It should be noted that that the DVDs Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiny; Dumber and Dumberer; and Run, Fat Boy, Run were sold as a 3-pack bundle in the US for a short time and maybe that's where someone thought Kyle Gass was in this film.


If you knew the tvguide.com site was "just wrong", why didn't you respond to the question a long time ago and state you know tvguide.com incorrectly lists him under "cast". Yada Yada yada? And offer a possible explanation as to why someone might have thought he was in the movie but you know he definitely wasn't? Or, didn't you know he wasn't in the movie? Have you at least contacted tvguide.com to inform the ed (s) that Gass wasn't in the movie but tvguide.com erroneously indicates he was?


I didn't answer the question because I've never heard of the rumor he was supposed to be in it. But I know the TV guide site is wrong because of preponderance of evidence, basic understanding of how to credit a source on the internet as being relatable or accurate with given information, there's no character name listed, and they used a still from The Pick of Destiny movie. Maybe someone did it as a joke like when JB said KG graduated from Juilliard at age 13.


I did think of the possibility that it was a joke... I never even heard of him before.


And what "proof" or objective information from a relevant, reliable source makes you so sure that you are right but tvguide.com is wrong?


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