Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd

Corrected entry: When the boy gives Harry and Lloyd the slushies, the cherry slushy has no straw in it. In the next shot it has one.

Correction: This is wrong, when the boy comes out of the store with the slushees, you can see straws in both of them.


Corrected entry: When Lloyd is getting ready for school he is dancing in the halls, showering in the science class, goofing off in the cafeteria and looting the lost and found for clothes. There is no one in the school. You can see light outside and he runs off to hurry up and catch his bus. Don't you think teachers/staff would already be in the building?


Correction: This is an assumption and not an error. In the beginning Lloyd's dad says "school's gonna open up soon" and we don't know how long he spent goofing off, so the school still could have been closed. Additionally, just because we don't see anyone doesn't mean they're not there. It's possible they're all aware of Lloyd and just let him be.


Correction: It's quite possible he got the black eye from someone else, or possibly he took the pirate hat off while running away and tripped an fell - there's nothing to say that it was Lloyd that gave him the black eye.

Corrected entry: When Principal Collins notices that his chest is missing, Mrs. Hess says that Jessica had taken it. But how did Principal Collins know which Jessica it was - there is probably more than one Jessica at that school.

Correction: However, it was that particular Jessica who kept interviewing him and asking him questions. When the lady told him that "Jessica" took it, there was no need to say her last name as he automatically assumed that it was the only Jessica with whom he spoke on a regular basis.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Harry is at Jessica's, she goes to the bathroom door and says that her mom wants to know if he could stay for dinner. However, later when he is at the table, Jessica's mom comes in and acts surprised that someone is there and Bob Saget has to introduce Harry to her.

Correction: Jessica's mother could have heard that he was there, but she didn't know him. Then it would be useful to introduce him.

Corrected entry: One melted chocolate bar could not have made such a big mess in the bathroom at Jessica's house.

Correction: It doesn't say that Harry didn't already have chocolate bars in his pocket. Just before Harry climbs out of the window to talk to Lloyd we can see most of the mess and it is quite possible that several chocolate bars could have made it.

Corrected entry: When the principal stops at a payphone to call Jessica's mother, he uses a Bell Atlantic payphone. Bell Atlantic wasn't around in 1986.

Correction: Bell Atlantic has been around since the break-up of AT&T in 1984.

Brian Dillree

Corrected entry: The first few scenes of the movie show captions saying 8 years later, then 10 more years later, which means Harry would be 18 years old. But a few scenes later when Harry and Lloyd are being harassed by Turk, Turk says "Were you held back 2 years like Lloyd?" Harry replies "No I was held back 3." That would mean that Harry would be 21 or 22. So how old is he? 21-22 or 18?

Correction: Harry is 18. When he says he was held back 3 years, it doesn't mean that he is any older than 18, it just means that his classmates are 3 years younger than he is. So the rest of his class is 15 and since he was held back 3 years, he is 18. From this information, we can conclude that Lloyd is 17, since he was only held back 2 years.

Corrected entry: When Lloyd goes away from school to catch his bus, he runs into Harry. They talk and then he sees his bus. It is going in the opposite direction of where the school is. Harry says that the school is right over there. They then follow it, as if it were going in the right direction, when it is really going away from the school.

Correction: This bit is an attempt at humor. You cannot expect the characters in this movie to behave rationally.

Corrected entry: When Harry and Lloyd are playing the game in Harry's room, Lloyd tells Harry to put his shirt on backwards. If you look closely, you will see that it was already on backwards and he puts it on frontwards.

Correction: Well, they are idiots.

Corrected entry: The 'little crippled boy', or the first recruit for Lloyd and Harry's class, says his cast comes off in a few weeks. But in the Thanksgiving Parade, two months later, the cast is still on.

Correction: It is possible that that the guy had his real cast taken off,but had a new or fake one put on so he could stay in the easier class. This would explain his girlfriend writing on the almost blank cast while they are sitting in class. The cast when they signed him up already had writing on it.


Corrected entry: In the scene when Harry and Lloyd offer the little boy five dollars to get them slushies, they gave him the five dollars, but never the money for the slushies, however the boy got them the slushies.

Correction: The deal was for them to give the kid 2 dollars for getting them the slushies. A nickel bill would cover the slushies and allow for the kid's two bucks.


Corrected entry: In the scene where the principal has kidnapped Jessica and he gets out to call her parents, she could have easily escaped while he was on the phone.

Correction: True, but when Harry and Lloyd go to the house where she is being kept, she tells them she could easily escape from the principal but doesn't want to because of the good story she's getting.

Factual error: This happens during the scene when Harry and Lloyd offer the little boy 5 dollars to get them slushies. This movie is set in the 80's but notice the $5 he gives him. It is the newer issued $5 that came out in the 90's.

Terri Engblom

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Jessica's Father: Oh my God. He shit everywhere. There's shit everywhere! Damn it! There's shit on the windows! Oh my God! My house is full of shit! He shit everywhere! Look what he did, he shit all over the wall!

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Trivia: The guy who plays Lewis in the film also plays a guy called Lewis on the TV sitcom Even Stevens.

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Question: As Lloyd and Harry follow Jessica and Principal Collins with a shopping cart, what explodes at the Big A convenience store? (01:06:00)

Answer: Because Harry and Lloyd had poured gasoline all over the car as well as let the pump keep running when they left. So when the hot ash of the store clerk's cigarette hit the gas fumes, it caused the explosion.


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