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Corrected entry: In the scene where the Hulk destroys the tanks, we see see a close-up of the tank tread on the soft sand. Later in the scene the Hulk swings a 20 ton turret around and throws it off into the distance. While the Hulk has incredible strength, the desert sand does not, so it would not bear the immense reaction forces required. Simply, he should have sunk into the sand.

Correction: It could be just a layer of sand on a layer of rock below it. Some of the fighting does take place on a cliff.

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Corrected entry: Near the beginning of the film when Bruce first turns into the Hulk, he tosses the gamma machine out of the lab and into the road outside, but if you use frame by frame or slow motion from a view on the inside the gamma machine reaches the outside, and a view from the outside is showing the machine just coming out of the wall. (00:41:25)


Correction: This is a filming technique known as overlap. Its where a shot is shown twice from two different locations (In this case the inside and then the outside of the building).


Corrected entry: After The Hulk kills the poodle he transforms back to Bruce. The Hulk was naked, which means that Bruce will be naked, but when Bruce is approaching Betty's car a flesh colored covering is visible, used to protect Eric Bana's modesty.


Correction: The Hulk wasn't naked. He was wearing the tattered remains of underwear to cover his modesty.

Corrected entry: David Banner extracts DNA from one of Bruce Banner's hairs. He prepares it by cutting off the ends with a razor, but there is no DNA in the shaft of a hair, only in the root.

Correction: Not true. mitochondrial DNA, or mtDNA, can be found in the hair shaft. The root is only needed for nuclear DNA, or y-DNA. But it's still a mistake, considering mtDNA can only verify maternal ancestry. Unless David Banner had a sample of Edith's DNA somewhere, the mtDNA from the hair shaft would not have been able to tell him anything regarding whether or not Bruce was his son.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Bruce is tied up and talking to his dad (in front of the incinerator) the boom mike is visible for a fraction of a second.

Correction: I watched this scene in slow motion many times, and I didn't see any boom mike in the frame. but what I did see were those little circular reflections that show up on the screen from bright lights near the top of the frame. I don't know what the technical term for them is, but no boom mike is visible.

Corrected entry: After Hulk had fought off the large dogs, he goes over by the creek. As he goes over, the shot lets us see the car with the broken windshield, but Betty is not in there.

Correction: Betty is inside the car. She's watching the Hulk go down to the water.

Corrected entry: Ross is in the 7th Armored Cav unit, as shown by the yellow shield with the line and horse worn on his shoulder. The same unit Sam Elliot was in when he co-starred in We Were Soldiers.

Correction: The yellow shield patch on his shoulder is actually the 1st Cavalry, and it's on his right shoulder, which signifies that he WAS in the unit during combat. His left shoulder has no patch, in keeping with the covert status of his current unit.

Corrected entry: Near the end of the movie, when Bruce has been captured by the military, General Ross claims that he will incinerate him on the spot if he shows any signs of transforming again. At this point, Ross is well aware that the change is triggered by anger and/or emotional distress, yet he sits back and does absolutely nothing as Bruce's father works him into a veritable frenzy.

Correction: There's no contradiction here; while Banner Snr is putting Bruce through the wringer, Bruce is upset, but still staying reasonably in control. Ross has ordered the incineration if Bruce shows any sign of transformation - he hasn't, so no incineration. The change only begins after his father has already wrecked the incineration unit.

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Corrected entry: If David Banner was locked away for thirty years after accidentally killing his wife, then how was he able to find out where Bruce Banner lived, where he worked, or even that he was adopted by the Krenzler family? All he had of Bruce was articles about him and his research, but nothing that suggested that Bruce was his biological son until later in the movie when he went into Bruce's lab and took a hair sample.

Correction: Even if he was locked in solitary confinement for som of his prison stay, the rest of the time he'd have access to a library, computers, public records, his attorney.... Any one of these could be used to keep track of his son.

Corrected entry: The amount of gamma radiation the Hulk was exposed to would kill any human.

Correction: Bruce Banner was not a normal human. His DNA was altered because of his father's injection.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Bruce is fighting tanks in the desert, in one shot he picks up a tank, twirls it around, and tosses it. Now let's think about that. He would have to get that 60 ton tank moving about 180 MPH to throw it that far away. That would take about 200,000 horse power, roughly the strength of an aircraft carrier. But in the very next shot, he takes the turret of that same tank and hits another with it, making only a moderately sized dent.

Correction: People are capable of using differing levels of strength when performing tasks - the Hulk is no different.

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Corrected entry: Why didn't the mutated dogs get bigger as they got angrier? They were exposed to the same gamma rays as Bruce.

Correction: The effects are different for each being. That is why his father doesn't befome the same type of being as Bruce.

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Corrected entry: In the scene where we first meet Betty in the hallway of the laboratory, she seems to have just enough hair to pull up into a small amount on her head , yet by the end of the movie she has long thick beautiful black hair.

Correction: In the early shots, Betty's hair is done up in a complex knot at the back of her head, which would make sense in a laboratory environment. The knot can be seen briefly several times during her conversation with Bruce, and also during the subsequent "exploding frog" experiment. The size of the knot is quite consistent with the amount of hair that she has on those occasions in the film when she wears it down.

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Corrected entry: When the Army pursues the Hulk to San Francisco, there's a rather spectacular battle in the vicinity of the Golden Gate Bridge...and yet there's normal rush-hour traffic on the bridge. A giant green man slugging it out with jet fighters and attack helicopters is apparently a normal sight for Bay Area residents as none of them stop to watch or flee for their lives.


Correction: With the thick fog between the hulk and the bridge the traffic probably couldn't see the battle.

Corrected entry: When Betty comes through the door to see the hulk, she sets her keys down on the table. Then when her father tells her to leave, she grabs her jacket and not her keys, but moments later she starts her car with the same keys.

Forrest Wilkinson

Correction: You can hear her pick up the keys after Banner says "I'll be fine", you can also see light reflecting off the keys (in her right hand) as she turns to pick the jacket up.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the helicopters were going to drop off some cargo in the desert, some of the helicopters did not have a shadow.

Correction: They actually all have one, the shadows are just far from them because the sun is still low.

Corrected entry: Sam Elliots' mustache is out of limits for military standards. The military standard for a mustache is it will not extend downward beyond the upper lip or extend sideways beyond a vertical line drawn upward from the corner of the mouth. He's good on the first half, but in violation of the second half.

Correction: As a high-ranking officer in charge of a very unusual installation, he's probably granted a certain amount of leeway by his superiors on what is ultimately a very minor matter.

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Corrected entry: If Bruce came home as the Hulk the night he first transformed, how were his bike and helmet there in the morning when Betty came over?

Correction: It's not shown that Bruce rode into work that morning - he might have accepted a lift that day.

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Corrected entry: In the beginning of the San Francisco scene when Hulk lands on top of the Golden Gate Bridge and the jets start to fire at him; only the tip tops of the bridge show through the thick fog. Next scene, maybe 10 seconds later when the jet nearly crashes into the bridge, sunshine, no fog.

Correction: This scene is fairly consistent. If you watch just after The Hulk lands on top of the North tower the camera goes wide and then follows the jets East. Here you can see the fog is starting to burn off half way to Alcatraz, so by the time the plane gains control and starts to climb again there would be no fog.


Corrected entry: When General Ross enters the control room just after Bruce is brought into the desert base under sedation, the ranking officer in the room says "Attention on deck". This is a naval term not used in the Army.

Correction: True, but it was said by a Marine, and the operation seems to be joint Army/Marine Corps. When the Hulk is being brought to the base, he is escorted by Cobra gunships, which are now used almost exclusively by the Marines.

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