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Factual error: During the scenes where the drivers are all racing to the impound lot, Verone and Fuentes are doing background checks on the drivers. When they show the shot of Roman Pearce's California driver's license information, it shows his DOB as Apr 12, 1973, A License issue date of 03/24/90, and Expires Date of 03/24/01. Driver's licenses don't expire on the anniversary of the issue date, they expire on the driver's month and day of birth. So his driver's license should show an expiration date of something like 04/12/01 instead. (00:31:45)


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Suggested correction: Not all state's driver's licenses expire on their birthday, or at least not anymore. Example: my current driver's license expires on the anniversary of when I got it Aug 16th, but my birthday is in June.

Pearce's is a California license; in the timeframe of the movie expiration date matched DOB.


I've never heard of a State license doing this. Which State is this? Although the mistake is valid.


According to google, "Every California license expires on your birthday five years after it's issued" (I can't seem to access the CA DMV website at the moment) but it does seem as though the mistake is, as you say, valid.


My reply was to the corrector who claims his/her State's driver's license expires on the issue date, which is something I've never heard of. So I was asking which State his/her license was from, not the movie's license.


Sorry, my mistake. On my page it was formatted as though you were replying to Sammo. Looking online, Delaware is one state where the licence expires 8 years after issue and not on your birthday (at least from what I can see).


Delaware driver licenses, while issued for 8 years, still expire on the driver's birthday.


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Continuity mistake: When the Evolution smashes into the gate in the boatyard it should have made a really big dent in the front of the car or at least a scratch on the bodywork. Yet in the next scene when you see it come to a stop in front of the Ferrari, the car is in perfect condition with no dents or scratches. (00:31:50)

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Roman: Fuentes in with Verone, Markham trying to blow our cover and we got two wired cars that are better than that ankle braclet of mine. I tell you, bro. You let your man Markham do that shit again in front of Verone, that's gonna be our ass.
Brian O'Conner: I know man, it's getting thick real quick. We need some way out through some kind of exit strategy.
Roman: Exit strategy, huh?
Brian O'Conner: Yeah.
Roman: I like the way that sounds. What you got in mind?
Brian O'Conner: I don't know man, but we need two more cars.

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Trivia: When the cops are chasing Brian and Rome at the near end of the movie, you can see a close-up of a police-officer. It's Neil Moritz, the producer.

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Question: Can anybody tell me the name of the song that it played right at the opening? It's not on the soundtrack and I can't find it anywhere else. Plus, I'd also be really happy to know the song that is played when Rome and Brian get into the bar, because it's not on the soundtrack either, but still rocks.

Answer: If you are talking about the one that is played while the Universal logo is still on, it is 'Like A Pimp' by David Banner. As far as the other one, try www.imdb.com and search for this movie. When you get there, go to 'soundtrack listing' and it will display a list of every song played in the movie, whether it was on the soundtrack or not.

T Poston

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