2 Fast 2 Furious

Factual error: In the scene where Brian, Rome and the other guys are racing to the impound lot, Brian whips his Evo around and starts driving backwards. He would be going pretty slow in reverse so the other guys should have past him do to the fact that they where doing over 100 mph beforehand according to the FBI's GPS. (00:30:55)

Factual error: In the final fight scene, when Carter tries to pick up the shotgun to shoot again, the slide/chamber is closed. When they cut in the next shot with Monica holding the gun on Carter, the slide/chamber is open. You can't see the chamber but you can see that the slide is back further towards the stock of the weapon. The chamber has to be secured to fire. (01:36:40)

Factual error: During the scenes where the drivers are all racing to the impound lot, Verone and Fuentes are doing background checks on the drivers. When they show the shot of Roman Pearce's California driver's license information, it shows his DOB as Apr 12, 1973, A License issue date of 03/24/90, and Expires Date of 03/24/01. Driver's licenses don't expire on the anniversary of the issue date, they expire on the driver's month and day of birth. So his driver's license should show an expiration date of something like 04/12/01 instead. (00:31:45)


Factual error: When Brian pulls into the impound lot at about 70 - 80 mph, he smashed down a pole to get through a gate, you see him crunch the front of his car, but what he also crunched was his front mounted intercooler, thus restricting or even stopping airflow to the engine, no air equals no combustion, so the engine should have stalled or stuttered and eventually shut off, either way, his car was toast and he shouldn't have been able to get back on the highway.

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Brian O'Conner: You ready for this?
Roman: Come on, man. Guns, murderers and crooked cops? I was made for this, bro.



In the first race, the Supra crashes down after jumping the bridge, and a side shot shows that the Supra's rear wheels have changed from the expensive chrome items to the standard Supra wheels.



There is one error in the Tag Team race: the street is not that long. (I should know, because my dad works on that street.) In the movie, it took a little while to finish getting down that street which was unbelievable, especially at the speed they were going. In reality, if you were to race down that street from where they started (without turning back) it would take you an estimated eight to nine seconds.