2 Fast 2 Furious

Paul walker's charactor(brian)is caught in his skyline r34 by the police and asked by bilkins(fbi),tanner(dea)to bust a smuggling ring headed by carter verone.Brian asks tyrese gibson's charactor(roman pearce)to help him in exchange for him being taken off house arrest.They then get teamed up with undercover agent monica fuentes(eva mendes).It then moves to carter's house in the florida keys where pearce, brian and 6 other divers must "audition" by retrieving a package inside carter's 550 maranello (brian and pearce obviously win)just as they drive away, tanner shows up and almost blows their cover because the cars they were given were bugged with gps.They get back and the package was just a cigar, carter tells them what it is he wants moving and when.Pearce has a brawl with tanner for nearly blowing their cover and arrange a race with 2 contenders from earlier on(the package hunt)and win,obviously..............................(not much happens here)....................they do a dukes of hazzard style jump and win


Revealing mistake: After the first race, when Tej walks over to Brian with a bunch of people, there is a girl in a orange and black top, and as she walks towards Brian, she is looking directly at the place where the camera is supposed to be and backs away, so the camera can pull in for the shot. (00:13:10)

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Roman: Fuentes in with Verone, Markham trying to blow our cover and we got two wired cars that are better than that ankle braclet of mine. I tell you, bro. You let your man Markham do that shit again in front of Verone, that's gonna be our ass.
Brian O'Conner: I know man, it's getting thick real quick. We need some way out through some kind of exit strategy.
Roman: Exit strategy, huh?
Brian O'Conner: Yeah.
Roman: I like the way that sounds. What you got in mind?
Brian O'Conner: I don't know man, but we need two more cars.

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Trivia: Regular players of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City should recognize the entire last 15 minutes of the film. The area where they change the cars, the place where they drive to get the money, the places they drive during the chase sequence, the bridges, lakes, islands, palm trees, buildings, the game is all mapped exactly on these areas seen in this film in Miami.

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Question: What are the two muscle cars used in the film?

Answer: The blue car with the white stripes is a 1969 Chevy Camero with a yanko engine. The orange one is a Dodge Hemi Challenger.

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