The Magdalene Sisters

Corrected entry: Near the end of the film, when Bernadette's hair is long, she has it nicely pulled back with bobby pins and a barette. Where did she get the barette? The other girls with long hair either don't do anything with it, or keep it fastened in a braid or pony tail with a rubber band.

Correction: She could have hid them when she arrived. If using bobby pins and a barrette is a 'no-no', then the rebellious Bernadette would have worn them just to annoy the nuns.

Andy Benham Premium member

Corrected entry: After Una's failed escape Sister Bridget cuts her hair very coarsely, more ripping it off than cutting it. However, when Una gets back to work she has a proper crew cut, done by a professional hairdresser. (00:47:45)


Correction: Sister Bridget was the cutting of Bernadette very coarsely, not Una. When they show Sister Bridget cutting Una's hair, she was using a razor. The effect could be a crew cut.

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