The Emperor's Club

Other mistake: When Mr. Hundert is chauffeured to Long Island for the second competition, he looks at a St. Benedict's Yearbook page on which the photographs of the original three contestants appear. The heading on the Yearbook page is prominently misspelled "Triumvers" instead of "Triumvirs," in this film whose focus is Roman history.

Other mistake: At the beginning of the movie Mr. Hundert asks Martin Blythe to read the plaque with Shutruk-Nahunte's, King of Ansham and Susa, self-adulation. For some unexplained reason Martin skips the two passages referring to Shutruk's god Inshushinak. At the end of the movie his son does the same. (00:09:10 - 01:40:25)


Other mistake: When Sedgewick is asked to complete the writing on the blackboard by adding what Octavian was named he guesses 'Emperor'. Mr. Hundert agrees, however, later we see that Sedgewick has written 'Augustus', although we neither see him writing nor is this name mentioned by anybody, and Sedgewick himself doesn't have any clue. (00:30:00)


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William Hundert: Sir, it's my job to mold your son, and I think if.
Senator Bell: Mold him? Jesus God in Heaven, son. You're not gonna mold my boy. Your job is to teach my son. You teach him his times tables. Teach him why the world is round. Teach him who killed who and when and where. That is your job. You, sir, will not mold my son. I will mold him.



When Sedgewick Bell arrives at the school he steps out of the car with his school bag in his hand. The camera cuts to Hundert's class, then back to Sedgewick, carrying no bag.