The Emperor's Club

Continuity mistake: When Sedgewick Bell arrives at the school he steps out of the car with his school bag in his hand. The camera cuts to Hundert's class, then back to Sedgewick, carrying no bag.



Continuity mistake: When Hundert packs up his stuff from the classroom he puts the Shutruk-Nahunte plaque in a box, with half of it sticking out and the inscription pointing outside. Later, when we see the box in his room, everything is the same only the plaque has been turned around.



Continuity mistake: During the first Mr. Julius Caesar quiz, Hundert is wearing a ring on his ring finger on the left hand. When the shot changes to show his hands adjusting the cards, there is no ring on that finger. You can even see the indentation on the finger where the ring should be.


Continuity mistake: At the end of the last test for the Julius Caesar contest, when Sedgewick hands in his paper while all others have left already, the way the other students have left their chairs in the front row changes between shots.



Continuity mistake: After Masoudi loses on the first question in the rematch, Sedgewick and Deepak are clapping while facing him. It cuts to another camera and they are facing Mr. Hundert and not clapping.


Joel Gordon

Continuity mistake: Sedgewick's final essay changes between the first time Mr. Hundert reads it and the second time he reads it.

00:49:10 - 00:50:05

Joel Gordon

Continuity mistake: Hundert gives Sedgewick one of his old study books. Sedgewick picks it up after Hundert leaves the room, and when the camera angle changes the book in his hands is turned by 90 degrees.



Continuity mistake: After Mr. Hundert catches Sedgewick cheating and Sedgewick pulls the cheat sheets out of his toga. The first one he throws lands next to him. A few frames later it has disappeared. Before Mr. Hundert leaves it reappears.


Joel Gordon

Continuity mistake: In the scene where the boys startle Mr. Hundert by clapping their books shut simultaneously his writing on the blackboard changes several times. The word 'named' which he wrote last appears in at least three different versions.



Continuity mistake: When Hundert tries to prove that he can still bat his tie changes several times between thrown over the shoulder and hanging down.



Continuity mistake: The microphone on Deepak's toga disappears at the end of the adults' Julius Caesar contest.



Continuity mistake: When Sedgewick is writing the last Julius Caesar Essay, he is stopped in the middle of a right-hand page by Mr. Hundert. When the teacher looks at it, he's written completely to the end of the book, which ends on a left-hand page.


Joel Gordon

Continuity mistake: When Hundert arrives by helicopter the second time and he is greeted by Sedgewick the rotors stop in mid sentence.



Continuity mistake: When Hundert smashes the window of Mr. Woodbridge's car with a baseball, the boy to his left is seen picking up his stuff twice before he escapes.



Continuity mistake: Mr. Hundert's tie knot changes sometimes between shots, for example when he enters the teachers' meeting room after putting the boys to bed, or near the end of the movie when he goes to the bathroom after the contest at Sedgewick Bell's mansion.

00:11:40 - 01:28:50


Continuity mistake: Hundert is seen twice rowing in the morning. Both times his hair doesn't have a touch of grey, in contrast to the rest of the movie.

00:13:05 - 00:51:40


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