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Corrected entry: Maxim tells his wife that he carried Rebecca's dead body to the boat from the dinghy and he carried her below to the cabin floor. It is hard enough to get yourself out of a dinghy and onto the "sailboat" (as it is known) and then down the narrow stairs to the cabin. Carrying a bag of groceries only adds to the problem. But a dead woman - impossible.


Correction: This is speculation at best, some people might not have a problem carrying groceries down narrow stairs and many people (like firemen) are trained, strong enough, or just determined, to carry a body. Nothing about his statement is impossible.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Max de Winter brings Mrs. de Winter to Manderley for the first time, we see Frith, the butler, at the estate gates. A few minutes later, after the de Winters have finished driving down their mile-long driveway, we see him at the front door of the mansion. How'd he make it back there so fast?

Correction: The man welcoming the DeWinters at the gates is another staff member Max greets, calling him Smith, it is not Frith.

Revealing mistake: After Maxim leaves a note, saying he'll be gone for the day and having him gone should be a welcome relief for her, the girl sits in the morning room, crying. As the camera moves away from the girl, some flowers on the right jiggle from being hit by the camera.


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Maxim de Winter: Please promise me never to wear black satin or pearls... or to be 36 years old.

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Question: While the De Winters are watching their honeymoon photos, the girl says "I suppose that's why you married me, because you knew I was dull and gauche and inexperienced, and there would never be any gossip about me." Maxim stops the film and, looking like death, says "Gossip! What do you mean?" She says "I don't know. Don't look at me like that. What's the matter? What have I said?" Maxim says "It wasn't a very attractive thing to say, was it?" She says "No. It was rude, hateful." Now, why did she say that? And why did Maxim say what he said? All she said was "There won't be any gossip about me." What's the problem with that?


Chosen answer: Maxim was previously married (unhappily) to Rebecca, who died tragically and under rather mysterious (and suspicious) circumstances, sparking rumors. Maxim thinks his new wife is referring to that, but she knows nothing about it and was only making an innocent remark, unaware of the rumors. The "rude, hateful" part probably refers to the "dull and gauche and inexperienced" comment - she probably thinks that is what caused his reaction, rather than the "gossip" comment, given she doesn't know the rumors. She is very young and naive and feels inadequate as the wife of a wealthy man. Maxim is older, intimidating her somewhat, and she was confused by his angry outburst.

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