Maxim is acquitted of murdering Rebecca when he, Colonel Julyan, Jack Favell and Frank Crawley track down the doctor Rebecca had secretly seen, in London, prior to her death. The doctor told them that Rebecca had terminal cancer that would have killed her in a few months, and she would have been on morphia not long after he'd seen her and given her the bad news. He remembered that when he told her she'd be dead in a few months, she said, "Oh, no, Doctor, not that long," so her death was assumed to be suicide. Mrs. Danvers, in a fit of despair, after Jack phoned her and gave her the bad news, sets fire to Manderlay. Mrs Danvers had said that Rebecca told her everything, but this cancer she kept to herself. Mrs de Winter says to Maxim, as they watch Manderlay fall to the fire, "Mrs Danvers, she's gone mad. She said she'd rather destroy Manderlay than see us happy here."

Celeste Harmer

Audio problem: When Maxim gives Mrs. De Winter the bunch of flowers, right after they are married, she says a few times "lovely", the last time she says it, her mouth is closed.

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Maxim de Winter: You thought I loved Rebecca? You thought that? I hated her.

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Trivia: When George Sanders pokes his head in the car window where the girl is, alone, he says "Marriage with Maxim is not exactly a bed of roses." Joan Fontaine, who played the girl, called her autobiography "No Bed of Roses."

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Question: In the back seat of De Winter's car, at lunch from the inquest, I can't get all of what Favell says: As he throws a chicken bone out of the car window, he says, "By the way, what do you do with old bones..." and then I lose it. At the end, he says, "however, for the time being."


Chosen answer: From the screenplay of "Rebecca" which I found on-line, and verified by looking at two different versions, the entirety of the line is: "By the way, what do you do with old bones? Bury them, eh what? However, for the time being - you know, Max, I'm getting awfully fed up with my job as a motor-car salesman."

Michael Albert
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